Facebook Introduces Pages Messenger (Woo!)

For those familiar with Facebook Business Pages features, you’ll probably be ecstatic to know that Facebook has launched a feature to allow businesses to privately message consumers. 

PagesMessenger Photo Credit: Facebook.com

As of Wednesday, August 5th, business can now add a “send message” button in ads that appear in Newsfeed.  Additionally, if a customer makes a comment on a business’ page, the business can privately message them back.

Photo Credit: Facebook.com Photo Credit: Facebook.com

According to Reuter’s, this is part of Facebook’s efforts to convince more small and medium-sized businesses to advertise on their platform.

Businesses planning to use this feature should keep in mind that Facebook has made business accountability a part of the service.  Facebook awards business pages with “very responsive to messages” badges for businesses that respond to 90% of their messages.

To learn how to implement Facebook’s new feature click here.

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