Stanley Cups: A Remarkable Marketing Turnaround for a 110-Year-Old Legacy

Stanley, a venerable 110-year-old company known for its sturdy work-related products, found itself at an unexpected turning point in its history. In 2019, the company’s sales reached a substantial $73 million, primarily catering to their traditional audience of working men requiring reliable hydration solutions on job sites, during outdoor activities, and more.

The Shift in Audience

The game-changing moment for Stanley came when a popular blog catering to women featured their product. The response was unprecedented, with the female audience embracing the cups in ways the company had never foreseen. Instead of dismissing this surge as a one-time occurrence, Stanley’s new Global President, equipped with a strong marketing background, recognized the potential and decided to pivot the company’s strategy.

Going All-In

Stanley’s shift involved a complete overhaul of their marketing approach. They ventured into uncharted territory by introducing vibrant and pastel colors, a departure from their century-long tradition. Collaborations with influential figures like Joanna Gaines and renowned brands like Pendleton, Olay, and Starbucks helped catapult Stanley into the spotlight. The collaboration-driven marketing strategy successfully generated massive interest, with women eagerly anticipating every new launch.

Results and Projections

Embracing this unexpected shift paid off tremendously. Stanley, once a brand primarily associated with working men, now hit a staggering $750 million in sales for the year 2023. The strategic decision to tap into a new and enthusiastic female audience, combined with innovative marketing campaigns, turned Stanley cups into a case study for successful marketing transformations.


The Stanley cups’ journey is a testament to the power of recognizing and embracing a new audience. In an era where adaptability is key, Stanley’s marketing success story underscores the significance of aligning products with the right demographic. The company’s remarkable turnaround showcases the potential for growth that lies in expanding product appeal and catering to unforeseen consumer segments.


*Original content adapted from Sierra Nicole May.

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