The Future is Interactive Websites (And the Future is Now!)

Static text blocks? Lifeless images? So 2016. Bland websites are a thing of the past.

With over one billion websites (and counting) on the internet today, the best way to keep viewers glued to your site is by keeping the experience engaging.

Interactive websites are evolving every day to the point where some are more like animated films than web pages.

Take for example, The Boat.

Interactive websites.jpg

The Boat is an interactive graphic novel on Special Broadcasting Services (SBS) Australia’s website. A team at SBS created the illustration based off the short story “The Boat” by Nam Le, which tells the tale of two women on a boat full of refugees leaving Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

While there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of web pages dedicated to the refugees of the Vietnam War, this one obviously stands out – all due to interactivity.

When the boat rocks, so does the text.


When words fail, the pictures speak louder.


The web developers used scrolling to turn the web page from a static image into an animated movie. The scroll bar is now the play button that controls the motion and tells the story.

When you read certain parts of the story, sound effects and animations are triggered that enhance the experience and keep the reader engaged.

When a website is this cool, who wouldn’t share it with their friends? As the hit counter rises, so does brand awareness and the overall experience the audience has with a brand.

Keep your website interactive by implementing imagery, animations, and creative scrolling triggers. But remember, don’t go overboard! The magic of “The Boat” lies in its simplicity. Too many animations and the audiences’ heads will be spinning.

What do you do to keep your website interactive? Have any good examples of interactive websites? Let us know in the comments!

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