Email Marketing for Real Estate

E-mailing — it might seem like a dated concept, but people are truly checking their inbox more than ever! Many even check their email as soon as they wake up in the morning, whether it’s for personal or business. Keep reading to see how you can use email marketing to take your real estate business to the next level.

Why Email Marketing?

When marketing your real estate business, email is an essential tool to stay in front of your audience.

With real estate, we don’t often see an immediate buying pattern. Many potential buyers and renters are browsing, researching, and sticking around for quite some time ensuring they make the right decision.

Email marketing helps you stay top of mind during the search process.

What should I include in my real estate marketing emails?

Our number one recommendation when email marketing, don’t be pushy!

REMEMBER: Your emails don’t always have to be a sales pitch. You can provide value about your property, entertainment, education, information, deals, and incentives as well!

Depending on your brand voice and the vibe of your property and/or your target marketing you could include jokes and humor to entertain and lighten up the mood — showing that if you live with us, it’ll be fun! This allows you to add some personality to your business before someone even walks through your door.

Email Ideas

Here are some ideas to include in your next emails:

  • Events around the city
  • Deals and incentives
  • Amenity highlights
  • DIY of the month
  • Holiday highlights
  • Apartment/home décor ideas
  • Staff highlights

The possibilities are endless, all of these ideas and more are perfect for grabbing the attention of a possible resident in the consideration stage.

Email Examples

Check out some real-life examples of emails we’ve sent out for our real estate clients and how they’ve performed.

Here is our client Copper Creek, a luxury apartment complex located in Kent, OH’s, August Newsletter. You’ll see the email is fun, lighthearted, eye-catching, and includes tons of clickable items.


Sent: 655

Opened: 162

Open Rate: 24.77%

Clicked: 9

CTR: 5.56%

This next email was a general sales email sent to leads for our client The Heights, an off-campus student housing complex located in Slippery Rock, PA. Notice how we outline all the amazing things they have to offer, and at the very end include a powerful CTA encouraging potential tenants to schedule a tour.


Sent: 252

Opened: 76

Open Rate: 22.3%

Clicked: 4

CTR: 5.26%

But email marketing isn’t the only thing that is important when it comes to capturing quality leads and growing your real estate business. Check our full collection of real estate blogs, webinars, information, and more HERE.

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