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Look out, Heinz, Hunts, and Del Monte, there is a new ketchup in town and it’s poised to take the industry by storm!  Sir Kensington’s produces high quality, artisan condiments.  However, it’s not the product alone that is causing such a splash in condiment land.  Sir Kensington’s is an expert brander, crafting a clear identity and messaging that immediately resonates with their target demographic.  They are also known for their amazing social media campaigns and outrageous publicity stunts.  Read on to take a bigger bite out of this amazing company!

The main difference between Sir Kensington’s and their competitors is that they are unwilling to compromise their standards and they offer an alternative condiment solution for palette conscious consumers.  They maintain a disdain for corn syrup and other subpar ingredients and only use trusted retailers to sell their condiments.  Not only is their product amazing, but with the support of their branding efforts, Sir Kensington is setting the stage for a high level of sales.

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One aspect of their branding campaign is to highlight foods that pair well with their condiments.  They feature amazing photographs that make consumers want to take a bite out of their Instagram account.  In their “Fries of New York,” Exhibit, Sir Kensington took their branding ideas to a whole other level.  In November 2014, one hundred individual fries were “borrowed” from the most acclaimed chefs and restaurants in New York City.  Each French fry was displayed with archival quality and featured in a pop-up art exhibit alongside Sir Kensington’s ketchup, thus creating a perfect platform for highlighting one of America’s favorite food pairings.  Following the exhibit, the association between Sir Kensington’s ketchup and high quality French fries has been cemented in consumer’s minds.  With the unstoppable combination of a great product and innovative branding, Sir Kensington’s will surely be a brand to watch for years to come!

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