Real Estate and the Power of Event Marketing

So, you’re beginning to create a marketing game plan for your real estate business. Have you incorporated developing the structure for events and experiences? These two things are not only amazing for your tenants and the community — but they’re also perfect for when you’re trying to get a footing for new marketing ideas!

Why Throw Events and Experiences?

When you throw events and experiences at your property, they allow you to have something else to talk about in your social media and emails other than just amenities and why your complex, etc. is a great place to live. It gives a sense of community, helps you stand out among the rest, and adds a special touch your tenants will truly appreciate.

Truth be told, this can really be the core marketing strategy for your building. Many of our real estate clients get the most engagement and reactions out of their posts that have to do with events being thrown at their property.

Event Ideas

Your event doesn’t have to cost much, or really anything at all! Below we’ll give you some examples we have helped implement at our client’s properties that were super easy and performed tremendously well!

At our client, the Normandy, a senior living center located in Rocky River, OH’s building, they held a book reading that followed with a signing from the author!

They have also had their chef host Facebook Live videos of him cooking up a meal, sharing the recipe and encouraging others to join along.

At Key Tower, a building located in Downtown Cleveland they have held ice cream socials, a climb to get to the top of their 54 floors to raise money for the American Lung Association, and MORE! Check it out:

And lastly, one of our favorites — The Heights, an off-campus college student apartment complex, filled up their backyard with foam and held a foam party for residents. How easy and fun?!

Some other simple but effective ideas include:

  • Pizza Party
  • Cookout
  • Breakfasts
  • Holiday Events
  • Sports Events

Have other fun activities you’ve held for your property? We’d love to hear from you!


When throwing an event, it does take a bit of prep work. You need to promote your event to your audience before it occurs. We recommend running organic posts, emails, and paid content on your social media platforms. For paid, it could either be a standard ad or you can create an event on the social media platform and put some money behind boosting the event — both are amazing options.

Consider printing flyers to hang and pass out to residents who visit your community areas. This is a great way to reach those who maybe don’t yet follow you or don’t have social media accounts.

During the event

Enjoy and engage, but don’t forget to photograph or record the event (you could even do a live video!) This doesn’t have to be on a fancy camera, your smartphone is all you need.

Post Event

Then you’re off, take this content and use it after the event for future social media posts and emails. The best part, sometimes you don’t even have to do the work — attendees will often post about the event and tag you, making it easy for you to repost! These kinds of posts build engagement with your brand and often lead to your followers posting and reaching potential leads as a result.

But events and experiences aren’t all that are important when it comes to capturing quality leads and growing your real estate business. Check our full collection of real estate blogs, webinars, information, and more HERE.

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