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We use emoji‘s in marketing all the time. They were once quite frowned upon, believed to convey a sense of informality. But, Emoji’s have cemented a rightful and useful place in modern marketing. They act as their own visual language, in addition to graphics and text, that we can count on to help in marketing efforts.

In email marketing they are commonly used for consumer facing product emails, and according to Salesforce when used properly can affect your average open rate up to 65%!  Emojis in social media posts and ads are used to help break up text so that the reader can more easily consume it. In many cases, emoji‘s have become a go to tool not just a cheeky relic!

Apple and Google have been making subtle changes to emojis ever since the Japanese company Softbank introduced them in 1999. There was the inclusion of different skin colors in the face and hand emoji‘s, changes to the food emojis as our tastes have expanded and become more global, and who can forget the rapid rise of the hundred emoji? (Personally I knew it was over when my mom started using it.)

On “World Emoji Day”, July 17th, Google and Microsoft rolled out major updates to their emoji arsenal. You can read all about it in this fast company article below. Let us know, how do you use emojis? Do you include them in your marketing?  Are they part of your strategy? And of course what do you think of the latest additions and changes?

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