Navigating a Decade of Entrepreneurship: Matt Brower’s Insights and Lessons from Hey Now Media


In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, Matt Brower, the founder and owner of Hey Now Media, recently shared a compelling journey spanning over a decade. In a candid podcast conversation with Emma Paul of Hey Now!, Matt delved into the origins of Hey Now Media, the challenges faced, and the invaluable lessons learned along the way.

The Genesis of Hey Now Media
Matt’s entrepreneurial journey began around 13 years ago when he ventured into artist and band management. What started as an individual effort evolved into Hey Now! Media a decade ago, officially established as an LLC and originally named “Entertainment.” This laid the foundation for a business that would become synonymous with creativity and innovation.

Building a Dynamic Team
In the early stages, Matt embarked on this journey alone, but recognizing the need for diverse skill sets, he strategically brought in partners. The team included a graphic designer, a writer (his wife), and a strategic marketing expert. This collaborative approach became a cornerstone of Hey Now! Media’s success, adapting and evolving with the changing demands of the industry.

Lessons from Trial and Error
Matt’s entrepreneurial spirit thrived on the principles of trial and error. He emphasized the importance of learning by doing, recounting how he took on small projects initially, gradually increasing prices as he gained experience. This approach not only honed his skills but also contributed to the organic growth of Hey Now! Media.

From Saucy Sam to Key Tower Activation
Reflecting on the journey, Matt reminisced about the pivotal moments that shaped Hey Now! Media. Saucy Sam Melissa Cory, a renowned chef in Cleveland, became the company’s first client. Hey Now! Media crafted a brand book, logo, and website for her online delivery butcher service, marking the beginning of successful collaborations.

The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster
Matt candidly described the past ten years as a rollercoaster ride filled with both excitement and stress. He acknowledged the perpetual drive to reach new thresholds and the delicate balance required to navigate the challenges of blending innovation with stability.

Cherishing Personal Freedom
Despite the hurdles, Matt expressed gratitude for the personal freedom that comes with owning a business. The ability to control his time and decisions remains a cherished aspect of entrepreneurship, reinforcing his commitment to the journey.

Memorable Milestones
Two standout memories illuminated Matt’s entrepreneurial path—the Crain’s Cleveland article recognizing Hey Now’s role in Key Tower activation and the FedEx Tax event in 2014, a transformative experience that significantly elevated the company’s visibility.

Words of Wisdom for Entrepreneurs
In conclusion, Matt Brower shared valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. He emphasized the importance of self-awareness, playing to one’s strengths, and finding joy in the entrepreneurial journey. Matt encouraged adaptability to change, striking a balance between innovation and stability, and savoring the unique experiences that come with building a business.

Matt Brower’s decade-long entrepreneurial journey with Hey Now! Media is a testament to the resilience, adaptability, and passion required to thrive in the business world. As the podcast with Emma Paul unfolded, it provided a captivating narrative of growth, learning, and the dynamic spirit that defines Hey Now! Media’s legacy in the creative industry.






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