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At Hey Now!, we love our planners. They guide our workdays, motivate us, and remind us exactly what needs to be done. In this series, we’ll spotlight each staff member’s planner and give them a chance to tell you what makes it great. This week’s focus is on our President/Owner/CEO/Boss, Matt’s, very fancy, high-status, executive Full Focus Planner!

This is the Full Focus Planner (FFP) from author, blogger, speaker, publisher, and general life coach/guru Michael Hyatt.

While I was already pretty productive before the FFP, it’s been key in giving my productivity an extra boost through habits, time management, and goal setting.

The very first section allows you to detail your overarching, long-term goals for your professional life and break them down into smaller steps. Then you bookmark the page, so you can keep referring to your goals and have them in mind each day. The more you think about them, the more likely you are to accomplish them.


You can set bigger achievement goals that involve a long-term commitment and habit goals that will allow you to build good habits in your personal life to get there. 

Habit goals are small, task-oriented behaviors and rituals you can change in your life to better your time management. They include eating better, getting more sleep, exercising, and other things that lead to more productivity and focus. This planner lets me track my habit streaks and keep record of what motivates me.

I also have a page that shows my ideal week. That is, what my week would look like if I were as productive as I wanted to be and hit all my goals. It gives me space to detail productive habits and routines, daily rituals, getting started at work, shutting down at work, etc.

Each week, I have space to set my three big weekly goals that keep me from becoming overwhelmed. I stay super focused – as long as those three things are accomplished, I’ve had a successful week.

But my favorite part is the daily spread. I use this the most to track my daily big three goals, calendar out my day by times, record my full to-do list, and take notes for the day. I take all my meeting notes in my planner now.


I can’t recommend this planner enough, especially if you’re part of a company leadership team. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to take their time management skills to the next level. It’s allowed me to become hyper-focused and helps me practice productive habits, accomplish more, and use my time better.

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