From Online To In-Person- 8 Ways to Engage

Hey Now! Media helps companies gain a competitive edge and grow their business. One important way to do this is through engagement. It’s how you meet new customers, get out the word about your successes, foster relationships with existing customers, and ultimately, it’s how you grow. Here are 8 easy ways to start engaging right now!

1. Smile. This is without a doubt the easiest way to put someone at ease and engage with them. You’ll be surprised how many people with just a smile will interact with you and see you as nonthreatening and genuine.

2. Friend someone on Facebook. After meeting someone a nice follow-up is to friend them on Facebook if you’ve had a great conversation. This extends the engagement and opens them up to all the exciting things that you’re doing and opens you up to the things that they are doing. It’s a great way that is again nonthreatening to stay in someone’s loop.

3. Add them to your email list. Always ask for permission, and say something like “we put out some really awesome materials and I think you’d really enjoy them would you mind if I added you to our email list?” This continues the engagement and pulls them into your world on their terms.

4. Grab coffee. This is another nonthreatening way to learn about people and engage with them in a much more personal way. It shows that you’re making time for someone and that you’re genuinely interested in them. Make sure when you meet up for coffee to ask a lot of questions and listen. Most people love to talk about themselves and will feel like your really engaging them if you put a strong emphasis On listening and remembering.

5. Promote others. Whether in person or online its important to show that you care. Your communication should be a 2 Way Street. Take the time to promote what they’re doing and stay active in with important to them, and they’ll undoubtably take a greater interest in what’s important to you.

6. Do a case study. This is a great way to really build on brand loyalty. Your customers will be excited that you’re showcasing them and you’ll be excited that your showcasing great results that you’ve had as a company. it also allows them to have some ownership in what you’ve been doing for them.

7. Create content. a great way to engage your customers is through meaningful content on all your channels. Think about what they want to hear what they want to learn and what would matter to them and create that content to help them be more successful. look at yourself as a partner in their growth as well as your own and you will have more success with engagement.

8. Ask questions. Both online and in person it’s important to solicit feedback in what you’re doing. Again it offers consumers some ownership and helps you grow your business and create more successful systems to keep your customers happy. Don’t forget if you get negative feedback to try to work on what people are telling you. The worst thing is for customers to not respond, so getting a response whether negative or positive means they care enough to let you know.

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