Keep it Loc, Keep it Tite

NEO’s Loctite is winning big.  Yesterday Loctite was completely unknown, and then in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl it was thrust onto the national stage.  In the midst of a staggering amount of uber emotional ads, the bumping and grinding of fanny pack wearing nobody’s crashed into our living rooms as if they’ve always been there. I’d have to say the glam 80 year old and her winking pony was an especially glorious touch.  As the world tried move forward and understand why there was a Jets vs. Sharks rumble in the last 20 seconds of the game, the ad world began the obligatory “Loctite Feature” articles and analyzation. Read More…

We will not be out done here at Hey Now! Media.  Considering the now infamous glue is based right here in Northeast Ohio, we feel especially privileged to compile some fun content highlighting our new favorite glue.

  • Loctite generated 17, 706 tweets on 2/1/15, with good sentiment at 80 (via Topsy) and participated on brand in real time.
  • ranked it as the Super Bowl’s second-best commercial, saying, “This is the strangest use of a Super Bowl ad buy in quite some time. It seems like a spoof for most of its running time, but it keeps going and going… and then you realize these people really are that excited about glue. It’s some kind of masterpiece.”

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