7 Millennial Food Trends that Have Yet to Hit Cleveland

Food, fabulous food!  The amount of food trends gracing our Facebook feeds and Instagram’s Seach & Explore tab is so insane lately that we just had to write a little somethin’ somethin’ about all the crazy ideas cropping up around the country. From the shores of the Pacific to the waves of the Atlantic, the world of food is alive, experimental and FUN.

Check out these seven new food trends and keep an eye on the 440 food scene – you might see these millennial food trends soon in Cleveland!

1. Gravity Cakes Take Off

Why make a cake, when you can make a GRAVITY DEFYING ILLUSION INDUCING MEGA CAKE?  Birthdays will never be the same y’all. 

This is a cake:


This also a cake:



2. Charcoal Stuff

From goth lattes to black ice cream, activated charcoal powder is cropping up everywhere. 



3. Purple Foods

Purple is the new black – when it comes to food anyway!  Grocery giant Whole Foods says “The power of purple goes beyond the vibrant color and often indicates nutrient density and antioxidants.”  Our colorful plates aren’t just beautiful, they’re packed with health benefits.



4. Center Stage Veggies

We are so excited to see this becoming a thing! Veggies are no longer sidelined, but really taking center stage on plates around the country. From grilled cauliflower “steaks” to oodles of veggies noodles, let meat be the side chick for once.



5. “Dedicated” Shops

The “dedicated” movement is strong!  Restaurants and shops are popping up dedicated only to acai bowls, only to burgers, only meatballs – don’t believe me? Check out this list of restaurants that serve only one thing! Niching up is a great business strategy, so seeing it in the food industry is not surprising. It creates a consistent costing model, ability to have more focused branding and better quality control when it comes to taste.  Poke shops are the latest in the craze – we can’t wait to see what’s next! Fingers crossed for a dedicated avocado toast place in Cleveland.



6. Filipino Food

Americans have long had a love affair with Asian food. Starting with Chinese takeout, moving to Japanese with a huge sushi wave, and into Thai and Korean. Filipino food is poised to be the next flavor fusion hitting our shores. You can already try the savory, sweet and unique trend nearby in Columbus, OH at Bonifacio.



7. Matcha

Similar to the activated Charcoal movement, matcha is being dumped in everything. This Japanese green tea is all the rage, from dedicated tea shops like Shuhari Cafe and Matcha Love, to cakes, energy balls, of course ice cream and donuts.  Australia’s Brewery Yard Markets has even started serving matcha bread sandwiches!




Do you know someone bringing these delicious trends to our city? Call ‘em out in the comments below!

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