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Let’s face it, the COVID-19 pandemic has been very hard on small businesses. However, this is not the time to slow down on gaining new leads and revenue streams. Many businesses have found creative ways to survive and thrive during these tough times. If we’ve learned one thing, it’s that now is the perfect opportunity to focus on transformation and repositioning your strategy.

One of the most common ways companies have been working to generate new leads and revenue streams online is through content marketing. This is when a company positions itself as a thought leader by producing large pieces of content that answer future customer’s questions. Companies then turn these large pieces of content into lots of small pieces of content that provide value across different channels that stay in front of your audience.

Let’s dive into more detail.

  • Our webinar: “Top 3 Ways for a Small Business to Pivot and Thrive Online” is our macro piece of content, it’s a 40-minute long webinar with tons of information, that provides education for those who tuned in. We then recorded this webinar and uploaded it to Youtube.
  • Next, we took all information from the recorded video and turned it into blogs (which you happen to be reading right now!)
  • Finally, these blogs and webinars will be turned into social media posts that lead to a download link. This assists in lead capturing as those who download will be required to provide an email. The best part? These posts can be utilized right now as well as in the future.

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By the end of this campaign, we will have created a huge volume of content just to promote ONE webinar after it has been produced. This then drives potential leads to the topics that were educating on. For any business – you can create a white paper, case study, podcast, or a webinar each month and create a campaign around it. Each piece of content from the campaign is a potential place of conversion and a way to stay top of mind.

Content marketing is also a great solution for SEO, because you are answering questions online and building a web to capture an organic website audience. As you continue to provide answers searchers are looking for, your blogs rise in the search rankings. With the increased search rank you begin to be the go-to thought leader in your industry. Then, when someone needs a solution to their problem you are top of mind and easy to find.

Looking to learn more about content marketing and how to turn macro-content into micro? Check out our blog “Repurposing Marketing Content” for a more in depth and tangibe look into this process complete with case study examples.

Want to learn more about how businesses are transforming online during COVID-19 to generate new leads and revenue streams online?

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