Unveiling the Dynamic World of Marketing: A Conversation with Emma Paul of Hey Now!


In a recent podcast episode hosted by Matt Brower, the founder of Hey Now!, and featuring Emma Paul, the Marketing Manager at Hey Now!, listeners were treated to a captivating exploration of Emma’s journey in the marketing realm. The conversation offered insights into her role at the company, her experiences, and a glimpse into her personal interests.

A Unique Entry into Marketing
Emma shared the story of her unconventional entry into the marketing field, landing her first job at Hey Now!. Matt delved into her background, highlighting her educational journey at Baldwin Wallace and her involvement in crafting the curriculum for the university’s digital marketing major.

The Ever-Changing Marketing Landscape
As the podcast progressed, the conversation shifted to Emma’s role as a marketing manager. Emma expressed her love for the creative freedom in marketing, emphasizing the satisfaction derived from working on diverse projects for different clients. They also delved into the dynamic nature of the marketing industry, with Emma discussing the challenges posed by the constant evolution of trends and platforms.

Favorite Marketing Tactics
A focal point of the discussion was Emma’s preference for video content as a marketing tactic. She shared the success Hey Now! has experienced with video content, highlighting its effectiveness in engaging audiences. The conversation provided valuable insights into the significance of adapting to emerging trends and leveraging creative approaches.

Dancing Through Passion
The podcast took an intriguing turn as Emma revealed her lifelong passion for dance. Starting at the age of two, she spoke about the role dance has played in her life and how it has become an integral part of her identity. The conversation shed light on the unique blend of creativity and physical activity that dance offers.

Navigating the Social Media Landscape
The discussion meandered through Emma’s love for social media, particularly Instagram and YouTube. TikTok, vlogs, and short-form content emerged as engaging topics, with Emma sharing personal preferences and consumption habits. The conversation provided a delightful insight into the role of these platforms in her life.

Real Estate Marketing and Beyond
Surprisingly, Emma expressed her fondness for real estate marketing, showcasing the diversity of clients at Hey Now! and the evolving perspectives she has gained through her experiences.

Dreams Beyond Marketing
The podcast concluded with a lighthearted exploration of Emma’s dream career outside of marketing – that of an influencer. The duo engaged in playful banter about the allure of influencer life and the challenges associated with internet comments.

The podcast featuring Emma Paul offered a multifaceted exploration of her professional journey, diverse interests, and the vibrant culture at Hey Now!. The conversation seamlessly navigated through topics, providing listeners with valuable insights into the dynamic world of marketing and the personal passions that shape Emma’s professional identity.

So there you have it! The Hey Now! Media Podcast episode isn’t just a roller coaster of insights; it’s a roadmap to thriving in the digital marketing jungle. Ready to unleash your inner marketing ninja? Tune in and level up!



Libsyn: https://sites.libsyn.com/471039/hey-now-podcast-ep-11-emma-paul

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0p18ToavIanm4ezcX4mbMK?si=b4d11d083d0345a6

Youtube:  https://youtu.be/y1edWQdBBbI

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