3 Website Animation Examples We Love


Animation is an art we love. It takes time and love to create something so seamless and beautiful that your audience can watch it over and over again. Animation isn’t just for Disney movies – it has a place in web design, too.

On the web, animation is basically anything that moves once you fully load your site or app. It is mainly used three different ways:

  1. Add a little somethin’ somethin’ to the website’s visuals, like a page that slides in from the side of your screen
  2. Provide a response, like when you hover your cursor over an element and it moves, changes colors, etc.
  3. Alert you to a notification, like a bouncing icon that notifies you your printer is out of paper.

Animations can be short and sweet pops of motion or complex animations that can act almost like a video.

There are so many great examples of animation on the web, so today we’ve picked a few of our favorites to show you. And, hey, if you want something cool like this for your own site, click here. We got you!

1. Animated Project Menu

RZ is a contemporary art collection housed in this awesome site on the web. You can visit to browse through artists and artwork and learn something new about modern art. Their project menu also happens to be fantastic. Clicking from one work of art to another leads to a gallery wall, giving the user the impression they’re in a real museum looking from canvas to canvas. 

Who needs museums when you can browse the seemingly endless RZ collection animated wall all day?

2. Scroll Animations

Ember House is a wealth management and financial planning company that does a fantastic job playing off their smoke and fire theme in their website. The embers and ashes that fly through the background are a nice touch and the animated scrolling menu explaining their differentiators is truly a work of art.

3. Shopping Cart Animation


Each time you add an item to your cart, Le Cafe Noir Studio blesses you with a shower of love. We may or may not just spent ten minutes adding endless t-shirts to our cart just to watch this animation again. We love you, too, Le Cafe Noir

What cool website menus have you seen recently?

For more website inspiration, click here, here, or here.

All websites were inspired by Awwwards.com winners and nominees


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