Willow View Brand Review

The Offices at Willow View are the unique and affordable leasing experience for small business. They have a beautiful and scenic environment, located in Glenwillow, Ohio. Suites are totally customizable and their location is private allowing companies to focus and increase productivity.

Our first task for this brand was to create a new name that emulated an amazing leasing experience for businesses that is private and peaceful, allowing tenants to concentrate, focus and enjoy their work environment. We developed the name: Willow View Office Suites. Willow is a direct nod to the GlenWillow location and it also helps communicate the peaceful, calm and relaxing feeling found in Glenwillow’s private and off the beaten path location. Using “view” in the name speaks to the beautiful views the buildings face.

Visually, we gave WillowView Office Suites a similar look and feel to a high-end design firm or clothing boutique. Its a balance between trendy and nostalgic, like something you might find in Larchemere or Chagrin Falls, Ohio. The nostalgic 1880’s reference creates a brand that emulates peaceful and pleasant energy while the modern, artistic execution will appeals to their target market.

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