Ask the Expert- Posting Problems!

Dear Expert:

I noticed that when we post an event on social media after a couple days it goes to the bottom of the page — will posting more frequently help it show up more? Sincerely, #PostingProblems

Dear #PostingProblems,

Like search engines, Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank that decides which stories will appear in each user’s newsfeed. EdgeRank will hide stories if they do not score well according to their algorithm markup, hence no one or very few users will see the story or event. Facebook’s algorithm score in a nutshell is based on affinity score (how connected you are with the people you’re trying to share stories or events with), weight (engagement on your post or event. Note that comments have more weight than likes), and time decay (as a story gets older, it loses points because it’s old news). Ultimately, you want your content or event information to be interesting enough and worth having conversation about in order to improve your EdgeRank score.

Erika E. Port
Digital Marketing Strategist
Erika Port Consulting Group

erika logoErika Port, a Social Media and SEO consultant, is a true self starter. After earning her marketing degree, she worked for several high profile agencies before embracing the start up life. She is savvy and customer focused, lending her passion and youth to help ensure your website will be front and center and collectively embraced.


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