A Recap of What a Week! Episodes 19 and 20: Behind the Scenes Fun


Welcome back to the Hey Now! blog, where we’re recapping the latest and greatest moments from our What a Week! series. In episodes 19 and 20, we took you behind the scenes for some exciting experiences with Ao Office, Cask Consulting, Zoom Express Car Wash, and Bilz. Let’s dive into the highlights!

Behind the Scenes at Faces of The District Podcast
Ever wondered what goes on behind the mic at Faces of The District Podcast? This episode has you covered! We pulled back the curtain, showcasing the magic that happens during our interviews with Ao and Cask Consulting. It’s a must-watch for those curious about the personalities shaping The District.

Content Capture Extravaganza
Zoom Express Car Wash and Bilz took the spotlight in this episode with an inside look at our content capture sessions. From vibrant car wash scenes to the creative atmosphere at Bilz, viewers got a firsthand look at how we bring these businesses to life through engaging visual content.

Entrepreneurship Class with Matt
Matt took on a different role in this episode, stepping into the classroom at the Weston Ideation Lab. Teaching a class on entrepreneurship to young artists, he shared valuable insights and experiences, inspiring the next generation of creative minds. It was an enriching session filled with knowledge and passion.

And that’s a wrap on episodes 19 and 20 of What a Week! We hope you enjoyed the behind-the-scenes journey. Stay tuned for more exciting content, exclusive interviews, and a sneak peek into the vibrant businesses that make our client, The Van Aken District, come alive. Don’t forget to subscribe and catch up on all the episodes if you haven’t already. Until next time, keep watching, exploring, and celebrating What a Week!

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