Social Media for Real Estate Success

Social media is a crucial part of marketing your real estate business. The ultimate goal is to build a presence on your platform to connect with your audience and build community within your current and future tenants.

Here at Hey Now! Media we’ve seen some serious results for our real estate clients utilizing Facebook and Instagram. Ready to market your property on social media? Let us show you how!

Types of Content

Social media content can be divided into two categories: organic and paid content. Keep reading to find out the difference between these two, how to utilize them, and some real life examples.

Organic content:

This is where you are posting content on your social media feed, that you are not paying any money for, and is only being shown to your audience (those you are connected with or like your page).

Paid content:

This is where you are posting content that you have put a budget of money behind to be put in front of specific audiences. These types of advertisements expand your reach on social media.

The #1 rule: don’t just focus on one type – you want a combination on your page of organic and paid content! Ongoing organic shows you exist, what kind of community you have, and what’s going on in and around your property. Leveraging paid content allows you to break out of your existing audience and get new, fresh eyes on your page that may be looking for a new living situation.

Organic Content

Looking for new content ideas to post on your socials? For organic content, these are some of the topics we’ve seen our audiences engaging and interested in most:

    • Amenities: be sure to include what your property offers in your posts!
    • Staff: people love meeting the people who will be working in their building, staff highlights always perform well.
    • Events and experiences: there are tons of quick events you can throw to build content and community. Read our blog HERE to get some ideas.
    • Deals and promotions: this is a great way to market your business, people love incentives! If you have the budget, give your potential tenants a deal — and be sure to post about it!
    • Building community: discuss with your followers things going on in AND around your community.
    • Testimonials: Have people left you reviews online? Repurpose them into social posts to help bolster credibility and trust.

Examples of Organic Content:



Paid Content

Creating and running paid content on social media is easy. But don’t forget, there are many different ways to break past your current audience and attract new ones with paid advertising. Let’s dive in!

Retargeting Method:

This is an ad that is shown on social media to those who have visited your website, left, and then went to social media. This audience is ideal to target because you know they are most likely already interested and have been exposed to your product.

You can even make the targeting more specific to only target those who have been to a certain page on your website, for example, your application page. This is a GREAT way to get specific with your budget.


Geotargeting is just what it sounds like, it is an ad you can limit by specific geography. This allows you to target a local market by only showing your ad to those within a specific radius. The best part — you can attempt to dominate a market with a specific message for that area!

Interest and Demographics:

Depending on your property and what product you are trying to advertise, you can target your ad based on a laundry list of different interests and demographics. This could include age, gender, etc. OR say your property is near something specific, i.e. a stadium, you can run an ad about this and target fans of the sports team. There are SO many different ways to segment and utilize this method.

We always create a brand strategy before putting money into paid advertising to ensure we are reaching the right people on the right channels with our clients dollars. This way we can get to know who our target audience is and really get savvy with our paid advertising!

Examples of Paid Content:

Below are some examples of paid advertisements we’ve run for our real estate clients and how our efforts have paid off, check it out!


January 2021

Landing Page Views : 202

Cost Per Click : $0.33

Click Through Rate: 5.59%

Form Submissions: 5

Cost: $66


July 2021

Landing Page Views : 1,216

Cost Per Click : $0.10

Click Through Rate: 5.85%

Form Submissions: 2

Cost: $125



We ran the Copper Creek ad on Instagram as well directly from Facebook, easy as that, and look at the results!


January 2021

Landing Page Views : 71

Cost Per Click : $0.29

Click Through Rate: 1.96%

Form Submissions: 1

Cost: $20


You also have the ability to run Instagram story ads, such as this one. This was a video of a virtual tour around one of the Heights at Slippery Rock’s units.

But social media marketing is not all that’s important when it comes to capturing quality leads and growing your real estate business. Check our full collection of real estate blogs, webinars, information, and more HERE.

Curious how Hey Now! Media can help your business? Get in touch with us today for a FREE 30-minute consultation.

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