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Here at Hey Now! we love Thanksgiving! Enjoy some of our favorite Thanksgiving memories to really get you in the holiday mood. We promise they’ll be sweet like pumpkin pie and warm like homemade stuffing! Drum roll please…

From Matt Jaffe, Project Manager:

“My favorite memory of Thanksgiving is the Turkey Bowl! After graduating high school, some close friends of mine organized a Thanksgiving morning football game. Waking up early on the morning of Thanksgiving is never easy, especially for a 19-year-old kid on college break. But, we put on our gloves and hats, doubled up on our socks, and made our way to our high school football field. It was freezing that morning and we were all tired and groggy, but it was well worth it! Being together on that field after going our separate ways after graduation made our friendships even stronger. Here’s to Turkey Bowl 2015!”

From Rachel Adkins, UX / UI Designer:

“My favorite memory of Thanksgiving might be making jokes with my sister about the cranberry sauce which my Grandma very carefully pulled out of the can in one whole piece and served on a fancy cut-glass platter.”

From Alexia Koerkenmeier, Design Intern:

“My favorite Thanksgiving memory has to be going to my grandparent’s house. They lived out in the country and my sister and I would walk through the timber with my Grandpa and Dad playing in the leaves while my Mom and Grandma would be in the house cooking. Our family would join together at the table and enjoy all the food until the only thing we were capable of doing was napping!”

From Emily Muskin, Content Editor:

“Since we were old enough to help with the Thanksgiving meal and décor, that is exactly what we’ve been doing.  I love helping to create the menu, cooking different dishes with my family alongside great music, choosing wines to accompany the meal, and working with my sister to create interesting and hilarious nicknames for everyone’s place tags at the table!”

From Anne Brower, Owner & Creative Director:

“Every Thanksgiving morning I would wake up at the butt crack of dawn to help my dad make a spice rub and rub it on the turkey before it went on the grill to slow cook for the day.  I STILL do this with my dad every year and now that I have a daughter on the way, I can’t wait until she is old enough to take part in my favorite tradition too.”

From Matt Brower, Owner & Brand Strategist:

“My favorite Thanksgiving memory was the annual day of fun at my Grandma’s.  Everyone on my dad’s side of the family was there all day, watching football, helping cook and of course my Grandma always made a super old-school 1950’s style Jello-Mold.  This was a super elaborate concoction of Jello, Fruit, Whipped Cream and other elements I really couldn’t figure out.  While I didn’t really like Jello, it was her claim to fame and always stuck with me!  When I think about Thanksgiving, I still think about her Jello-Mold’s.”   

From Andria Kaplan, Director of Sales & Online Marketing:

“No matter if it’s Thanksgiving or Hanukkah, every woman in my family ends up in the kitchen when the meal is over. The men are watching football and we’re drinking wine, snacking on leftovers and doing dishes (I’m mostly drinking wine). The funniest time ever was when my MeMe (grandma) thought she was picking up a glass of wine and it was the cup next to it full of turkey fat and random liquids. Although it’s not funny to her, (even though she did laugh after the fact) every year on Thanksgiving we remember this and warn her and obviously laugh more. It’s been nearly 11 years since she picked up the wrong cup…”

From Matt Soble, Owner & Brand Architect:

“Every Thanksgiving growing up I had one job that I shared with my Uncle Mark (Hey Now!’s amazing Interior Designer). We were responsible for putting cool whip on the pumpkin pies. Every year I would rush into my grandma’s kitchen and sit down with my uncle to put the perfect amount of cool whip on both pumpkin pies. After they were done came my favorite part….licking the spatula… and lid (which drove my grandma crazy!). To this day it is still my job to make sure the pumpkin pies are perfectly topped with cool whip.”



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