Hey Now! Planners: Callie’s Cute Sticker Planner


At Hey Now!, we love our planners. They guide our workdays, motivate us, and remind us exactly what needs done. In this series, we’ll spotlight each staff member’s planner and give them a chance to tell you what makes it great. This week’s focus is on our Designer, Callie’s, super cute sticker planner!

I found this planner last month at Marshall’s, a little late into the year. And while I haven’t really touched every page with every thought I have, I already knew it was worth the price. (Because, honestly, does it even matter when you’re at a Marshall’s or TJ Maxx or Target? Just toss that sucker in the cart with the other things you don’t need.)

Before I even used it, this cute planner was a win for me because it’s spiral bound. It’s 2018, can we ditch the hardbound or cardboard covers that are so stiff it can’t even handle being opened? 


Sometimes being in an artsy or creative line of work makes people think my life is such a mess that I don’t even know what day of the week it is (because I’m so disorganized and bursting with creativity and all). However, I’m actually a pretty neat and organized person. And I almost always have to write things down.

I constantly forget important things and events. If you ask my boyfriend about this he will confirm it with a hard eye roll and recall every time he’s briefly mentioned an event that I didn’t remember because I didn’t write it down. Oh, he mentioned it four separate times leading up to the event? Well that doesn’t matter because I didn’t write it down. This is why I need a cute planner.

This planner is awesome because while I need a calendar to help me remember big events, I’m also very visual. (A graphic designer and artist is visual? Go figure, right?)

I learned that I gravitate toward almost anything that is well designed or uses clean visual elements. I enjoy feminine prints, patterns and I will always mentally sign off on a nice typeface with proper usage, so it makes sense that this planner caught my eye. And can we talk about the cute stickers? I can’t EVEN.


I’m also a big advocate of to-do lists. Before the start of every month there’s a nice page for monthly to-dos, goals, birthdays, etc. It’s followed by a full calendar view (my favorite page) and the day-to-day blocks. I love this part.

And finally, my last planner highlight are these visually appealing, basic bi*ch motivational quotes scattered throughout the months. I usually avoid buying anything with “Live, Laugh, Love” on it but I can’t seem to distance myself too far from a relatable heart-felt inspirational quote by Barbara Streisand. 


While everyone else in the office loves their to-do lists, calendar blocks, and black-and-white templates, I’m all about the color, which is pretty apropos for a designer.

Plus, the more well-designed “REMINDER” stickers I slap in there, the better chance I have of actually remembering the important event next week I probably already forgot.

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