7 Reasons Why We Post Social Media Content Through HubSpot


We talk about HubSpot a lot, we know, but that’s because it’s kind of amazing. 

I would estimate I talk about HubSpot as much as I talk about guacamole because they have a similar level of importance in my heart.

As you probably already know, we’re HubSpot partners and we do most of our work through their platform, including our social media posts.

In the past, I’ve used the free version of Buffer and paid version of Hootsuite to schedule social posts, but HubSpot is by far my favorite. Here’s why I love that little orange sprocket so much when it comes to distributing my content.

1) Automatically shortened URLs

I know that basically all post scheduling software comes with a URL-shrinking feature these days, but I still remember having to use bit.ly to avoid that long messy URL so I’m just grateful for HubSpot’s auto-shrink feature, OK?

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2) Easy-access drafts

On the sidebar of the posting tool, you can easily access your published posts, scheduled posts, and post drafts. Keeping them all very separate is my favorite thing. Don’t show me my drafts next to my published posts!!! I’m very easily confused so the three tabs are a godsend.

3) Ability to attribute posts to a campaign

This is the BEST for measuring ROI on individual social media posts. I can see the success of social media posts in relation to a campaign. That way when I go to analyze my campaign I can see which social media posts I made for it and how many of them were successful.

4) Easy to add attachments (blog posts, external links, or landing pages), emojis, and visuals 

Okay admittedly I do have one qualm here, which is that GIFs won’t animate if posted to Facebook through HubSpot but I’ve called the nice people at HubSpot and they say it’s Facebook’s fault. I love HubSpot and find them blameless.

Either way, you can still easily add several additions to a post, including blog and landing page attachments, emojis, videos (up to 20 minutes’ worth) and GIFs. You can add visuals from a URL or directly from your HubSpot file library.

5) Integrated social media reporting

Like campaign attribution, linking your social media to HubSpot allows you to sift through pre-made reporting information. See your number of web visitors from social, number of post clicks, etc., all in one place. And you can compare your numbers month to month.

6) Mentions are easy (on TW, LI, and IG) 

I still can’t easily mention accounts on Facebook (Get it together, Zuckerberg), but I can very easily use the @ symbol to mention people on Twitter, LinkedIn, and, as of recently, Instagram. Just typing “@” will automatically search the platform for the account you type so you can tag it in your post.

7) Posting across platforms is way easy

My favorite thing about HubSpot’s posting tool is the ability to post content across multiple platforms easily and all at once. For example, when I post this blog to social, I will post it to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn twice each.

When I go to schedule the post, I can create and schedule all six at once and even copy the post text, image, and time across platforms. If I create one post I can easily create five more and just adjust a few things along the way.

I love you, HubSpot social media posting tool. ROI attribution and content distribution have never been easier.

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