Hey Now! Media Client Case Study: NOAA

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes when we create a new brand for a client? Let us give you a small glimpse into what we do here at Hey Now! Media with a case study on how we helped NOAA (Northern Ohio Apartment Association) refresh and modernize their brand.

Before we begin, let’s give a quick background on our client NOAA. They are the Leading Industry Resource for Northern Ohio’s Multifamily Owners, Managers & Vendors. As an association, they aim to support the profitability and growth of multifamily housing across Northern Ohio by providing resources, education, and networking opportunities to facilitate meaningful connections between members.

Now that we’ve covered what they do, let’s dive into where they were before working with us, why they reached out to us, and how we helped them.

Where They Were

When we first began our relationship with NOAA, they were starting to become a prominent name in Apartment Associations. Receiving numerous prestigious awards, representing over 200,000 suites, having a presence in 36 counties and more, — NOAA was the fastest-growing apartment association in 2020!

Why They Came to Us

NOAA’s branding and website needed a serious facelift to supplement this growth as many of their current collateral were dated back as far as the ’80s. This created a huge disconnect between potential clients looking to work with the company. They wanted to better appeal to a younger demographic and also make sure their brand still resonated with their current audience.

What We Did

After NOAA reached out to us for assistance, we began to implement our strategy research process and develop a marketing plan. 

First, we completely rebranded NOAA with a new logo, colors, and messaging. The visual approach centered around breaking away from the stale, corporate appearance of other apartment associations.  With this new branding, we aimed to take a fresh, modern approach to what such an organization can be. The Northern Ohio Apartment Association features a bold logo mark that prominently includes the different types of buildings under its umbrella. This is coupled with a recurring sunrise gradient that represents the dawning of a new era of apartment associations.

On the messaging side, we sought to clearly convey what they do and the value they bring to their members. There was alot of different copy in different places placing an emphasis on varying priorities. We established a messaginging hierarchy for the top of the brand and key messages for different areas of the association that can be mixed and matched to ensure consistent messaging within different focus points. 

Armed with a new look and messaging, we moved into website creation. Our focus was on easy navigation and prominent CTAs. The website is organized in order of what people coming to the site are looking for, including a “Become a Member” button right in the menu for easy access. We integrated their current events platform, Eventbrite, into the site on both the homepage and an event page so visitors can always stay up to date on the many events and so that their staff only has to update events in one place.  In addition to several other updates we trained them on the backend so they can easily make changes without affecting the design.

While we were in the process of getting this started, we also introduced digital ads to their platforms. This allowed them to begin reaching new audiences while still providing value to their current customers. 

But that’s not all! We worked through a marketing gameplan. This outlined the main idea of taking large macro content and cutting this up to create large volumes of micro-content. NOAA is known for hosting numerous seminars and events throughout the year — so it’s super simple to go ahead and record these and use them to our advantage! Learn more about macro to micro-content HERE. 

See some of our work for NOAA below!



Website Home Page:
Event Page:              

Blog Page:                    

Since the rebrand, NOAA is receiving more visitors to their site, leads, and customers than ever before. Remember — your brand reflects your entire business, make sure it’s at the top of your priority list!

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