Tidy Up Your Brand: Voice

Your brand’s voice is the tone, personality, and manner in which you communicate on all fronts with your customers, stakeholders, and internally too!
 Think about the times you were most successful in your business.  Did you create a consistent experience for your clients? Most likely you did.  The process of finding your voice is to strategically identify who you are and enhance that persona across all platforms.  Hey Now! Media is a fun, creative design firm, with a bit of an edge.  When thinking through our voice we realized it’s spunky, educated, and entertaining too.  We consciously carry this persona through all of our materials, décor, and sales meetings to create a branded experience for our customers.

So think about your company?  How would you describe it? Are you a warm home health care company needing a nurturing voice like our client Young at Heart?  Do you sell large bold machinery for manufacturers like MidWest Materials?  Or are you a sports camp marketing fun to families like Camp Hagadol?  Whatever your company- try tailoring your voice to help resonate your message.  The voice you create allows your brand to come alive and provides meaning and trust to your customers.  The more relatable and distinctive your brand becomes the more likely you will develop deeper engagement and loyalty with customers.

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