6 Old School Marketing Tactics We Still Love

Every marketer is on the trail of moving and adapting to the digital age. Even now when our heads are bent down 80% of the time staring at our smart phones, some marketing trends will never go out of style.

Old school marketing methods may not provide the easily deciphered data that new methods provide but they still can generate revenue.

So, whether you’re a digital advertising junkie or you like to play it old school, everyone still hearts the revenue-generating marketer and we will all do whatever it takes to get results.

These 6 old school marketing tactics may not prompt the allure that modern tactics do, but we promise they can still be effective.

1. Jingles/Pitches/Slogans

Ahhh, the sound of a good ‘ole jingle. It’s what we walk around the house humming to ourselves because it’s stuck in our head, like it or not. Jingles, pitches and slogans do not need to be over the top. They are a combination of simple language, music and a message that drive a psychological response that’s proven to help embed brands in the minds of consumers.

Here are a couple of my favorite jingles:

  • Fabric of our Lives: Zoey Deschanel Version

  • Fanta Commercial: Fantanas

Method 2: Direct Mail

This will definitely never go out of style. Direct mail gives businesses the opportunity to target exact locations, demographics and more. Imagine if you’re in the service industry, direct mail can give you the ability to target neighborhoods with aging homes that need plumbing repairs. Direct mail campaigns increase brand awareness through repetition. One stand alone mailer may get lost in the shuffle, but repeating mailers that continue to cross consumers’ desks can have a big impact and drive brand awareness.

Screenshot 2016-03-10 09.52.20

Method 3: Promotional Products

Who doesn’t love something free? Promotional products get people to engage with your brand. By choosing useful promotional products you ensure your brand is on the forefront of the consumers mind. Hello, who doesn’t love a free pen?

Method 4: Business Cards

No matter how paperless the world gets business cards will always be hip and worthwhile. Business cards are often the first opportunity to show off your brand so make sure they’re well designed and utilize both sides.

Method 5: Brochures 

You may think that all brochures end up in the recycling bin (let’s hope not the trash!) but that is not the case. Brochures are often picked up by consumers who need a product or service and are evaluating their options. The few minutes, or even days, that brochure lies on the consumers’ desk or pinned to their fridge creates awesome brand recognition and can sway consumers to pick you! A quality brochure with a clear message is a key asset in your marketing toolbox. Just like your business cards, be sure your brochures are designed perfectly and really stand out so the consumer will remember your logo and call-to-action.


Method 6: Live Events

Whatever opportunity one may have to get face-to-to with their consumer is a good one. Whether you’re hosting live events or partnering up with other businesses to host one, it’s a solid idea. You can use these events to get consumer feedback and pass out those promotional products!

So, no matter what business you’re in… some things never change! Comment below if you’ve got an old school marketing trick that’s making big plays too. 

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