10 Ways to Handle Burnout

One of my favorite sayings a colleague of mine says is “you need to work on your business, not in your business.” As a business owner, especially a start-up it is easy getting caught up trying to do too much.
Investing in doing things right, outsourcing the right work and focusing on developing your business will lay the ground work for all the success to come. When it comes to your business you should never cut corners. Knowing what you are best at and outsourcing the rest to highly skilled professionals will take your business to new heights. Do not burn yourself out trying to do everything yourself, just to save some money, especially if you are not a skilled professional! In the long run, the money saved will not be worth it. It can be very hard to take a step back, slow down and really work on your business, rather than in it – but this will make all the difference in your success.

Here is a great article from Tom Ewer.  Tom Ewer is the founder of Leaving Work Behind and the author of Paid to Blog — a guide for freelance bloggers.

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