Why Should I Create a Tracking URL for my Marketing?

Between the designing, copywriting, editing, and posting, it’s easy to get caught up in the content creation machine. But it’s important to remember to analyze your results and adjust your content efforts as needed. 

After all, if you’re going to spend all that time working on content creation, don’t you want to make sure it’s working?

Enter tracking URLs. Tracking URLs are a simple and powerful yet often overlooked tool for analyzing the success of your content creation. They allow you to determine a direct correlation between a piece of marketing and its performance and impact on your business. That way you don’t have to sort through all your website visits to determine where each visitor came from.

As said by ThriveHive, a tracking URL service, “How do you know which traffic is coming to your website normally and which traffic is coming from your marketing activities? The answer is through tracked links.”


Tracking URLs are usually shortened links you can create through services like ThriveHive, HubSpot or Google Analytics. Then, you can attach them to a particular piece of content and revisit the source you used to create your tracking URL for a full report on its use.

Online, you can place a tracking link on an email blast, paid online advertisement, banner ad, social post, and more. Tracking URLs come in especially handy when promoting your content on platforms that are not your own. If you’re creating a guest blog for an industry influencer, include a link with a tracking URL so you can see how much traffic your site got from creating that guest post and you can determine if the promotion was worth the work.

You can also use tracking links when working with print ads or other offline marketing pieces. You can include them in the print advertisement to track how many people came to your website after seeing that ad. Otherwise, you would have no idea how effective your efforts were. If you don’t receive any activity on that tracking URL, it’s time to pull the plug on your print ad! 

Bottom line, tracking URLs are easy to overlook, but they make ROI attribution a breeze. Stop sorting through your web traffic and reverse engineering click paths and start using tracking URLs instead.

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