TV and Streaming — the New Wave for Real Estate marketing?

Are you looking for new ways to market your real estate company? How about TV and Streaming services! TV commercials have been around forever, but with the introduction of streaming also came a much cheaper and more effective way to market.

Why TV and Streaming?

With Cord Cutters and Cord Stackers becoming a household term, consumers are trying to cut the cost of high cable bills and purchase streaming packages and services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Peacock. The challenge then becomes how to reach these consumers who are watching TV in a completely different way.

As an example, TV and streaming have become a huge part of an individual’s everyday life. People are watching screens more than ever, a home of a family of 4 has an average of 11 devices in their house including TVs, Phones, Tablets, Desktops and Xbox, Playstations, etc. Not to mention the usage of streaming has grown upwards of 68% over the last three years! (greatly due to covid).

How Does TV and Streaming Work?

This type of marketing is very similar to YouTube (click HERE to read our blog discussing how YouTube marketing can skyrocket your Real Estate business) and benefits specific markets (small businesses) a TON from running a commercial during their target market’s favorite streamed show.

Currently at Hey Now! Media we are using Spectrum to run commercials. The company is HUGE, running millions of people set boxes and streaming services in people’s homes. This allows you to reach thousands of potential customers. As long as you know your audience’s profile and who you’d like to market to you can use Spectrums data to pair up and get your ads out to the right audience. This means they can use the data they’ve collected to play your ads to the right people, who live in the right place, at the right time, during the shows THEY watch.


There is also transparent reporting through a dashboard to monitor your campaigns. This allows you to then retarget those who have seen your TV or streaming spot on socials or even with direct mail campaigns. 

What are the Results?

To sum things up, TV and streaming ads are great for driving top of funnel awareness. HINT: this means that you are marketing to a wide number of people to broaden your customer base and attract people who may not even know they are interested in your product. This is super important when marketing your property.

If you have the budget (which doesn’t have to be huge!) give TV and Streaming marketing a try for your Real Estate business. You can purchase several spots reasonably, reaching a ton of possible leads and building brand awareness! Not sure if your company is the right fit? Remember — we can always assist!

But utilizing TV and streaming in your marketing is not all that’s important when it comes to capturing quality leads and growing your real estate business. Check our full collection of real estate blogs, webinars, information, and more HERE.

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