Those who CAN do, teach – and it’s how they win


When you step back and think about the subliminal messages and rules we’re all surrounded with growing up, it becomes clear that some things we’ve been taught are completely backwards.

I’m sure you’ve hear the phrase “Those who can’t do, teach.”

In today’s world that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Today, those who CAN do, teach – and its how they win! The best experts and entrepreneurs market their businesses by putting out valuable content that teaches their audience how to overcome challenges and solve problems.

It’s impossible to become a thought leader and known publicly as an expert without sharing your expertise and teaching those who can benefit and want to learn. Both within their business and externally to clients and the community at large, business owners are winning by teaching what they’re good at and helping others gain value from their knowledge.

Educational content comes in many forms. For years people who have a story to tell or lesson to teach have written books, taught classes and given presentations to pass on their knowledge and help make the world a better place. Today, these storytellers are using digital outlets like blogs and webinars to spread their message, leveraging modern tools to broadcast out to the world.

The result is these teachers are able to build extremely valuable audiences of real people who get value from their content and self-identify as a potential customer of the business. This is the audience that has the best opportunity to be converted into a lead and then nurtured into a sale.

Creating educational content that helps an audience overcome their challenges is at the core of every B2B digital growth strategy. It’s time we forget the old phrase and help the best experts transform into the best teachers.

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