The Power of Pictures: Why You Need to Use High-Quality Images

Can high-quality images really help you convert leads? The short answer is: yes! 

From helping you stand out against a sea of competitors to increasing potential customers’ average time on your website, imagery carries quite a bit more weight than most people realize.

Realizing you may need to overhaul your content library can be daunting and for that reason it often gets pushed to the wayside. So, why and how should you get started?

What makes a high-quality image?

Before we dive in, let’s talk about what makes an image high-quality versus low-quality. When you think of low-quality imagery, the first thing that comes to mind is probably blurry or pixelated — like it came straight from a Minecraft game. Additionally, the imagery itself could be too busy, confusing, or not attention-grabbing. 

A high-quality image will be tack sharp, taken with professional equipment, and the subject will convey your message and brand clearly. The ideal images will be exciting enough to make people stop scrolling and will provoke an emotional response.

How to achieve picture-perfect photos

Many organizations hire a professional photographer and editor to create content that is unique and owned by the brand. These professionals have the equipment and software needed to capture hi-resolution images and turn them into a branded content library.

If you do not have an internal or freelance photographer available, but still want images that are one-of-a-kind, you can invest in the equipment to capture the photos you need. Here’s what we recommend purchasing to get started:

-A DSLR or mirrorless camera

-A lightbox

-Editing software such as Adobe Lightroom Classic

A third and popular option is to use stock photography from websites such as Getty Images or Shutterstock. While you’re swimming through a sea of thousands of photos from these resources, what are a few key things to look out for when narrowing down your options?

  1. It has a clear background without distractions
  2. It focuses on only 1-2 subjects
  3. It is exposed enough so that the image has minimal grain and is sharp
  4. The composition draws your eyes to the subject – the subject should fall on a third line
  5. It’s cropped properly and straight

Why high-quality images are important


Did you know that the quality and resolution of your images can impact your SEO? Content Marketing Institute says, “optimized images speed up page loading, which increases user engagement and search engine rankings.”

By uploading images to your website that are the correct size and resolution, your page load times become faster — increasing user experience. Not only will search engines reward you for your high user experience and increased speed but your customers will, too, by being less likely to bounce from loading delays and more likely to convert. 

Furthermore, did you know that more than 20% of all web searches in the U.S. happen on Google Images? (Source: Search Engine Journal) By optimizing your imagery, you can rank higher not only in the search results but also in the image results. By only focusing on search rankings, you’re missing out on a valuable SEO opportunity. 


Everything you put out into the world – whether it be your website or print materials – is a representation of your business. When you use crisp, beautiful photography it tells your audience that what you’re offering is legitimate and good quality, ultimately helping gain their trust.

Think of it this way: When you visit a website that has blurry, low-resolution images that were clearly taken on a phone, it’s pretty noticeable. It’s not the first impression that the brand likely wants you to have, and it can make you wary about the products or services that they’re offering. 

By showing credibility to your audience, you’re also gaining their trust. 

Differentiate you from your customers

Reminder: there is only one you. Your brand sets you apart no matter how saturated your market is, and one main player in your branding is the imagery you use. 

Your Instagram feed, website, and other platforms are for you to show what makes you different from every other brand in your industry. As your audience does their research, your imagery should convey what you do clearly, stand out, and leave them with positive emotions. 

In conclusion, the quality of images you use has the power to generate leads and make your brand stand out against the rest. From SEO to trust, the impact they have is endless.

Need help navigating how to align your imagery with your brand? Let our experts here at Hey Now! Media help.

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