Repurposing Marketing Content

Repurposing marketing content may sound scary, but don’t let the name fool you. This process can actually be super simple, and the benefits can have an immense impact in the long run. The foundation of this concept starts with creating macro content. “Macro content” refers to any large piece of content, i.e. a blog, podcast, long form video, an ebook, webinar, Powerpoint presentation, etc. You can take any of these large pieces of content and turn them into bite size pieces, or “micro content,” which can include social media posts, infographics, paid ads, website materials, and print materials.

Here’s the thing, you and your team have spent a ton of time strategizing, designing, and organizing these large pieces of content. They typically have clear messaging, are thought through and properly represent your brand, and they were used once in one specific setting exposed to a finite amount of people. The beauty of repurposing these large pieces of content is that you save time, it ensures consistent messaging, you don’t have to recreate the wheel, and it can help align your team strategically as well. Ok this all sounds great, how do you do it?

What exactly is Content Repurposing?
(one more time for the people in the back!)

First let’s address some terminology. “Content Repurposing” is the act of taking one piece of content and turning it into multiple different pieces of content using different formats.


5 months later and we are still able to utilize this content. We actually haven’t even scratched the surface with this one. It can be turned into a blog, with audio to written translation software. It could be Q&A posts or blogs. It could be turned into a lead generator behind a form that people need to enter their email in order to access it. The opportunities are endless IF the content is valuable, strategic, and well thought through. In order for this to really work, you HAVE to know what your audience pain points are and what kinds of content helps them to solve them. If you get that right, the benefits can be staggering.

Top 5 Benefits of Repurposing Excellent Marketing Content

Lead Generation – Oftentimes you are able to link your micro-content back to your marco-content, garnering the opportunity to collect useful data from users. As a result, the content creator is able to collect and build an email list to market against, full of people who are interested in the topic you are covering. These are considered warm leads and can be dropped into your on-going sales funnel to be nurtured into customers.

Ongoing Sales Opportunities – Once you have a list of interested leads, you can leverage it and market other offerings to these people. They have already proven they are interested in your industry or niche.

Generate Valuable Company Content – Blogs, podcasts, interviews, pre-recorded videos, webinars, and virtual summits can make excellent longform content. But, the best part is that once this content is published they can be edited to provide endless micro content for social media, emails, paid ads, and landing pages. You can also circle back to this content in the future if it is still relevant to the times and your audience.

Cost-effective – If you already have the tools needed to begin creating content, which comes standard with most modern computers, repurposing marketing content will be extremely cost-effective – if not free!

Time-efficient – Using your longform content to create micro-content saves tons of time!

Is your company ready to begin repurposing marketing content?

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