Paying Homage to Our Origins

Every idea has an origin. On this “Throwback Thursday” we’d like to recognize the source of the title to our Hey Now! brand. In the early 1990’s, “Hey Now” was the infamous catchphrase of Hank Kingsley, Larry Sanders’ sidekick on the TV sitcom The Larry Sanders Show.
Hank, in a very Ed McMahon-esque manner, would utter this tagline consistently throughout the show’s six year run. “Hey Now” has since become a huge pop culture reference. Many television shows, including NBC’s Late Night and ESPN’s Around the Horn have paid homage to the phrase. Hank Kingsley’s catchphrase has become the tangible “face” of the identity of Hey Now! Media. “Hey Now” is a saying that is bold. It stands out. It captures your attention. In order for any brand to gain momentum, it is vital essential to present an idea that is both memorable and distinctive.

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