Meet Our New Associate Creative Director!

You know him, you love him. Our Project Manager, Matt Jaffe, is transitioning to the role of Associate Creative Director!

jaffe-active.pngWe are so excited to hone in on Matt Jaffe’s unique creative skill set and pull him into this new role.  He was a lead visual merchandiser at Nordstrom’s in Beachwood where he focused on product placement, window display construction, and creating fashion forward looks for in-store mannequins. 

Additionally, he brings a Degree in Recording Arts and Technology to our team with a long history of voiceover work (for some of our clients too!), musical production, composition and performance.

Having Matt (or Jaffe as he’s known around here) moving on to our creative team will allow us to increase our creative capacity with his out of the box ideas and innate understanding of what makes something “cool” while also reaching strategic goals.  As the Project Manager, he really understands every step in the project, which is a real asset to the creative side.

Jaffe is super excited to be on the execution end of our projects working with Anne, Steph, Wan, Carlo and Callie to push boundaries and take our work to the next level each and every time. Jaffe will be finishing up the projects he’s currently managing. In the interim, while we’re searching for Hey Now!’s next, great project manager, Matt Brower will be handling project management.

We sat down with Jaffe and asked him a few questions about his new role:

What in your background makes you a good fit for the creative team?

I take pride in my creative mind. I see branding and design in everything. When I look out the window I see Pantone Colors, Textures, Slogans, and Consumers.

 What creative work for Hey Now! are you most proud of so far?

I had a great time concepting for the Good Nature Organic Lawn Signs.

 What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

Just being able to concentrate on the creative work and moving away from the more task oriented project management side of things.

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