Meet Alexia: Hey Now! Media Junior Designer

As a student studying Graphic Design and Marketing in my 4th and final year of school, I have had great opportunities to intern with multiple companies doing different types of design.

My first internship was with a Sign and Design shop back home in Illinois. This internship was the beginning of my growth as a Graphic Designer. I worked along side my boss creating logos, signs, car wraps, and other miscellaneous work that required any type of design work. With this internship, it was just my boss and I. Some days were long, but work was never ending with new projects to be designed or to bring the designs to life as far as installation went. I helped him on multiple occasions with putting the signs together, or installing a wrap on a race car or truck.

During my junior year, I obtained a new internship with a printing company in Willoughby. This internship gave me freedom as an intern because I worked along side the Graphic Designer for a week until she left to have her baby. After that, I was on my own with the two workers in the actual shop, and my two bosses that would assist me when I needed it. Most documents were already completed for clients, I would just have to make the actual print layout that was efficient and used most of the paper we printed on so there would be little waste. This was a challenge along with learning the different types of paper there were. Literally SO MANY! Now looking at any print document, I can tell you what type of paper is used. It’s pretty impressive!

So here I am, a few weeks into my new internship at Hey Now! Media as their Junior Graphic Designer! Working with an actual design firm has been a great experience thus far. I like the atmosphere of a small firm. Everyone is working on tons of stuff, it is fun and something exciting is happening every day. I do revisions on projects, and I have been given projects that give me creative freedom. Not only am I doing print work, but I have also been working with their social media detail and on branding campaigns with Andria, the Director of Sales and Online Marketing. So far this experience is exactly what I have been wanting to do and I look forward to what else Hey Now! Media has in store for me!


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