Marketing Game Plan: Strategy Phase

The Marketing Game Plans we create combine industry best practices across all channels harnessing social media, content marketing and paid advertising to:

Increase Brand Authority
Increase Website Traffic
Increase Lead Generation

Learn more about what goes in to the strategy phase of these projects below.

Brand Strategy

A Hey Now! Media Brand Strategy identifies the strategic approach we will take with your brand and creative direction on how to bring the brand to life.


A brand mission statement clearly communicates a brand’s purpose, objectives and how it plans to serve its audience. It is action-oriented and gives readers an idea of what your business does and what impact it wants to make. This statement may shift over time as the company grows and redefines its goals. (Sprout Social)


The brand overview gives a clear sense of direction and guidance for where the brand will go and how it will be both presented and experienced by the audience.  We think through the types of messages the brand will communicate, the over arching theme, tone and voice.  The overview functions similar to an executive summary serving as a road map for how all the other pieces will come together.


Also known as “brand attributes”, these are thought out adjectives widdled down from typically a large list.  These words serve to really encompass the personality and approach of the brand.

HubSpot defines brand personality as “how the brand communicates with the outside world. This might be expressed in a certain writing style or voice, design style, color scheme, and even by way of celebrity endorsements. [For example] Coca-Cola’s personality is happy, playful, refreshing, and all about sharing and having a good time.”

How to Identify Your Brand Attributes


Your brand’s voice is the tone, personality, and manner in which you communicate on all fronts with your customers, stakeholders, and internally too. The process of finding your voice is to strategically identify who you are and enhance that persona across all platforms. 

Tidy Up Your Brand: Voice

5 Easy Steps to Define and Use Your Brand Voice

Are you interested in increasing your brand authority, website traffic, and lead generation? 

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