Marketing Game Plan: Research Phase

The Marketing Game Plans we create combine industry best practices across all channels harnessing social media, content marketing and paid advertising to:

Increase Brand Authority
Increase Website Traffic
Increase Lead Generation

Learn more about what goes in to the research phase of these projects below.

Stakeholder Interviews 

First, we learn about your organization by conducting interviews with key stakeholders to dig into the core objectives, structure and purpose that drives your organization. We align our team with your most  important goals and learn about the biggest challenges we’ll need to overcome on the path to growth. 

Branding Elements: What Makes Up a Good Brand?

Data Analysis 

Next, we audit the data and metrics behind your company web presence, your industry and your competition to find key insights about consumer behavior. We use these insights to inform the marketing  tactics and strategies that will be leveraged in your game plan. 

What Kind of Reporting Data for Organic and Paid Content is Important?

What are Keywords?

The 3 Most Important Lead Generation Metrics

Buyer Profiles 

Then we create buyer profiles. The buyer profiles specifically define your ideal audience and provide  insights on how this audience researches, solves problems and makes buying decisions. 

Learn More about buyer profiles:

What Interview Questions Should I Ask When Creating B2B Buyer Personas?

The Role of Secondary Research in Buyer Persona Creation

Buyer Persona Story Example: Nonprofit Marketing Manager

Are you interested in increasing your brand authority, website traffic, and lead generation? 

                              Let us take your business to the next level!  

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