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Photo1-2Looking for a way to get in touch with your audience virtually? Hosting live events is a great way to gain a connection to your audience without being face to face.

Have you heard of live streaming? Participated in a live stream on Facebook or Instagram for your kids school recently? Live streaming is one of the best ways to build engagement and is becoming an increasingly important business tool in a wide variety of industries.

Let’s break down the logistics of live streaming.


What is live streaming?
Live streaming is when you go online and stream a video presentation to an audience. Many people use live streams to answer audience submitted questions and provide real-time engagement with fans. These are kind of like live TV shows, you can record them and show reruns to maximize exposure.


What tools do you need?
The majority of the tools needed to participate in live streaming, you probably already have easy access to.

  • Invitees
  • Smartphone/tablet or computer with HD webcam
  • Microphone (optional, but improves audio quality)
  • Scripted content on a topic that you think people will find valuable
  • The internet
  • A platform to stream on.

There are lots of streaming platforms to choose from.

  • Zoom Meetings (optional, for collaboration)
  • (optional, cross-platform streaming)
  • Social media account- both Facebook and LinkedIn have streaming options, as does Youtube


How to prepare?
When live streaming to an audience you want to come prepared – here’s a quick preparation checklist.

  • Do you have your topic? Choose this beforehand. This will give you a chance to practice what you are speaking about before you go live, and to promote it!
  • Has all equipment been tested? Testing your equipment ensures there are no mishaps with microphones or cameras.
  • Will you have guests? Make sure you’ve done your research on their background and come prepared to cater your content to their needs.
  • Will you need visuals? If they will enhance your live stream, this is highly suggested. Powerpoint slides are an easy way to include visuals.

With streaming video accounting for over two-thirds of all internet traffic, this is not the time to wait. Start your streaming journey today.


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