How to Identify Your Brand Attributes

Identifying your brand attributes isn’t just helpful, it’s becoming necessary as brands are continuously expected to be more transparent, relatable, real, and authentic. Identifying your brand attributes is actually a way to help you achieve these expectations strategically.

It can also help to define the brand personality for new employees so they understand what the brand stands for and how leadership envisions it coming to life.

HubSpot defines brand personality as “how the brand communicates with the outside world. This might be expressed in a certain writing style or voice, design style, color scheme, and even by way of celebrity endorsements. [For example] Coca-Cola’s personality is happy, playful, refreshing, and all about sharing and having a good time.”


Your brand attributes (AKA your brand personality or core values) help to inform the voice, tone, even colors used to bring the brand to life.

Here are four questions to start the process of identifying brand attributes/personality/core values for your business.

  1. What are 5 words that describe the impression you would like to make on clients?
  2. What separates you from your competition?
  3. How do people perceive you?
  4. How would you like to be perceived?

Once you have thought through these answers individually as a business owner and collaboratively with your team, and have considered feedback from clients, see what connecting threads appear.

Are there common words or phrasing that rise to the top from what everyone’s responses are? Let that be a foundation as you begin to carve out your brand personality.

Take what you have and make a list of a few overarching adjectives that describe the brand. Then, add in words and phrases that fit into each overarching category to shape your brand attributes.

To help you out, here is a finished version of a brand attributes document for an organic lawn care company looking to differentiate themselves from the larger lawn care companies who aren’t really organic and are misrepresenting the effects they are having on the ecosystem.

Battling those kinds of competitor concerns, we narrowed in on their target market and created this brand personality to help set them apart.

Brand Personality

Our brand is alive! It is a leader and is always truly authentic.

  • Leader
    • Educational
    • Safety
    • Responsive
    • Communication
    • Customer Service Driven 
  • Authentic
    • Organic
    • Natural
    • health
    • Wellness
    • Personal 
  • Alive
    • Fun
    • Playful
    • Happy
    • Caring
    • Kind

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