How to Create an Engagement Strategy on LinkedIn


Have you created your LinkedIn engagement strategy yet?  This is the process behind liking, sharing, and commenting on other LinkedIn user’s posts. All of these actions can be taken on your page to help create engagement, without the time and energy of writing or recording your posts. Every time you engage with content, this action shows up on a portion of your audience’s feed. The more you engage on the platform the more attention you can generate for your profile. When you do this strategically, you can genuinely help your audience by curating content to their feed that can help solve their problems.

Ready to create your LinkedIn engagement strategy? We’ve compiled a list of a few ways you can engage effectively with your audience.

Comment and Reaction

One of the best ways to engage with a post is with a well thought out comment and a reaction. The algorithm tends to favor this over other types of engagement. You want to do this every time a post resonates with you – but don’t just throw in any old comment, you want it to be in-depth and not just a general “this is great”, etc. Commenting and reacting will help your network see your comment and in turn help build your brand.

Tagging other individuals in your comments is also a great way to encourage more engagement in your comment. Throw in a “Hey @___ I think you should watch this!” These small actions will continuously build and help your name show up on users’ feeds more often.


Although the algorithm tends not to favor this, sharing is still a great way to promote content to your audience. You only want to share a post when something resonates with you and you would like to get this post out to your followers. The best way to share is to include text that explains why you connect with the post or a write up of your opinion.

Liking and Reacting

This is your easiest opportunity to create engagement – all you have to do is scroll through your feed and remain active by liking other users’ posts. This type of engagement allows for a higher volume with less “quality control” – which means you don’t need to be as cautious of what you’re liking or reacting to. Just make sure every post you like or react to is something you believe in or find to be interesting. Oftentimes when you like something it will show up in your audience’s feed.

Stand out by reacting uniquely (celebrate or love) instead of just hitting “Like”. It’s a bit more insightful and your name will be on a shorter list of individuals. These interactions may be a small thing to do, but can add up quickly.

Engagement Workshop Activity:

  • Scroll through your feed and try to find content that inspires you
  • React to all the posts you scroll by that resonate with you
  • Comment on one post
  • Tag someone in your comment that you think would benefit from seeing the content

The overall idea of an engagement strategy is to spend time on the platform and find things that are inspiring or educational to you. Once you’ve curated your platform to your preferences, it becomes easy to engage and react because it’s genuine. You’re finding posts that are real and provide value specifically to you!

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