How It Works: Hey Now! Media’s Sales Enablement Program


Sales Enablement is the technology, processes, and content that empower sales teams to sell efficiently with increased velocity and close at a higher rate. Our new sales enablement program leverages the inbound sales methodology and automation to narrow focus and create efficiencies in the sales process.

Our goal is to provide all the tools and resources a sales department would require from a marketing department, positioning you and the company for success. As the sales team is out doing the groundwork and sales efforts, Hey Now! Media can provide the content and social media presence on LinkedIn to support it.

The program includes several steps from Discovery to Reporting, each of which contributes to the creation of a comprehensive sales plan.

Step 1: Discovery

Hey Now! Media will begin by working through our discovery process to learn everything we need to know for the project, especially your current lead generation and customer retention methods.

Step 2: Sales Strategy + Implementation Game Plan

Following the discovery phase, Hey Now! Media will focus on enhancing the existing strategy and introducing an inbound sales methodology. During this phase we will also create a game plan for implementing the strategy and new technology.

Step 3: Technology Set-Up

To run our Sales Enablement program, we must implement a CRM for the sales team. The CRM we will set up is HubSpot. The process involves setting up the HubSpot profile, integrating email and current contact lists, and developing a sales pipeline.

Step 4: Automation Set-Up

The HubSpot CRM includes free sales tools that enable sales reps to create efficiencies and increased productivity during the sales process. Our sales enablement program includes the setup and management of meetings, workflows, automation, chat bots, lead notifications, and more.

Step 5: Roll Out and Implementation

During the roll out and implementation phase, we will train all sales reps on the program including the inbound sales methodology, CRM, and marketing and sales pass off.

Step 6: Ongoing Collateral and Support

Following the implementation of the sales program and technology, Hey Now! Media will provide ongoing marketing services to deliver sales collateral, sales content and other tools and resources that enhance the sales process with prospects, leads and opportunities.

We will build your online presence while your team executes their traditional sales methods. As people enter your funnel there will be a full online presence to support your brand, paired with sales tools and resources that guide the user through the funnel to help the sales team convert leads into sales.

Step 7: Monthly Reporting

HubSpot has a robust tracking system that allows us to track every data point and metric on a contact once they enter our funnel. At the end of each month, Hey Now! Media will provide full metrics reports for the sales team, including leads, funnel progress, social media, web traffic, and sales activity.

It takes, energy and money time to follow up with every lead, nurture and educate them through your sales funnel and close the sale. To VP of Sales and Director of Sales struggling to implement marketing and close sales at a higher rate Hey Now! Media is the marketing partner that delivers holistic brand growth through sales enablement.

Interested? Set up a consultation today to learn what sales enablement can do for your bottom line!

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