Hiring Millennial’s

Are the millennials at your office the major advocates and drivers of change? Don’t let them wait for you to catch up! Currently, more than 1/3 of working millennials say they aren’t “emotionally and psychologically attached to their workplace.” Drive the culture change from the top with these helpful insights.

HEADLINE: Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, and rapidly growing.

More than 1/3 of Americans workers are millennials.

50% of the U.S workforce with be millennials by 2020

%75 of the global workforce will be comprised of millennials by 2025.


HEADLINE: A flexible working environment is a top priority.

85% of millennials globally report their employers DO offer flexible work arrangements

39% of millennials globally categorize their work environment as “highly flexible”

HEADLINE: Millennials depend on multiple devices daily (if not hourly) and move fluidly working from different devices during projects.

Millennials use 3 devices on average at work

HEADLINE: Millennials care deeply about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and will help build brand awareness for responsible company’s.

75% of Millennials would take a pay cut to work for a responsible company

76% of Millennials want to share information about their employers on personal social media channels.

“Millennials view social media as a place to curate and share content that reflects their values – and this generation is enthusiastic about showing how their work is making an impact in the world,” said Alison DaSilva, executive vice-president of CSR Research & Insights at Cone Communications.

HEADLINE: What do millennials lack at work? Glad you asked!

With 71% of millennial respondents saying “workplace design & environment: is as or more important that geography, this is an important piece of the puzzle.

65% of millennials claim to have offices with no environmentally friendly programs in place.

75% of millennials complain about lack of nursing rooms for new moms.

When prioritizing on-site benefits, Millennials identify:

#1: healthy food & drinks

#2: areas to gather and decompress

#3: fitness and health center initiatives

HEADLINE: Configuring for Innovation

If you want innovation, you have to create an environment that encourages it.

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