Hey Now! Hot Takes: Super Bowl LII Ads


It’s safe to say that 85% of our office watched the Super Bowl last night for the commercials and tuned out for the actual game. There’s nothing like a night full of high-budget visual advertisements to really get a party going for the Hey Now! office.

Last year we presented our Hey Now! Thumbs Cup after scrutinizing the ads. This year, we had so much to discuss we needed a full meeting and group blog to gather our thoughts. We present to you Hey Now! Media’s thoughts on the Super Bowl LII ads.

Anne Brower – Creative Director


Loved this. Just shy of raunchy, it was perfect for this audience and so freakin clever. I loved the trip down memory lane showcasing Dave’s childhood and telling his completely made up story. The connection to my house and my guests etc. was a little bit of a stretch, but they more than made up for it with this funny and silly approach!

Elissa Tennant – Inbound Account Manager


How could you rate the Super Bowl LII ads without talking about Tourism Australia? TA got people talking weeks before the big game when they dropped an Australian-star-studded “trailer” for “Dundee Returns.” The outrageous concept was just believable enough that it had big name film professionals scratching their heads and asking each other if this could possibly be real. The best part is that even finding out the trailer is an ad in disguise doesn’t take away from the fact that this commercial is funny, it’s impactful and it makes me want to hop on a plane to Australia and enjoy some wine with Chris Hemsworth. 

Tyler Cendroski – Paid Media Manager


Tide stole the show last night with its series of ads starring David Harbour of Stranger Things. The best part about this ad series was that only Tide could pull it off – a legacy brand owned by a huge corporation chock full of powerful brands with memorable past Super Bowl ads. Parodying Old Spice and Mr. Clean was a stroke of genius and capitalizing on the celebrity endorsement of rising star Harbour was the perfect finishing touch. 

Matt Jaffe – Associate Creative Director


Advertisements are supposed to make the consumer want to buy the product, right? There were a lot of cool ads this year, but not a lot that actually made me want to pull my wallet out and make a sale. The one that stood out to me was the trailer for the new Star Wars movie “Solo.” I’m not a huge Star Wars fan but this trailer for the story of one of the most iconic characters in movie history creates real anticipation. There’s nothing quite like a “classic movie trailer” during the Super Bowl – and I’ll definitely be seeing this one in the theaters.

Callie Bumba – Visual Content Creator


Right in the feels! After this ad aired, I immediately felt a rush of empathy (and even happiness) because these people were saved. I thought it was a cool way to show a phone company’s value to their customers on a level beyond texting or surfing the web. It also totally made me think of our clients because at Hey Now! we’re constantly trying to take basic ideas and turn them on their heads. Why just be a phone company when you can position yourself as a phone company that helps save lives?

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