Do I Need to Update My Business’s Website?

Should I create a website for my business? Do I need to update my business’s website? Do I really need a better, modern, relevant, way cooler site?

The short answer? Yes.

We know, we know. It’s hard. We can hear you shouting from here, “But WHY does my business need a website?! Why?!”

We understand creating and maintaining a website is hard – trust us! But in 2016, communication is digital and consumers are surfing the web to learn more about what you have to offer. If you’re not on the web, you’re not even in their sphere of awareness – and you’re definitely not getting their business?

Here’s a list of the top reasons people give for not updating or creating a new website:

Do I need to update my business's website

Now that you’ve seen them, I will refute them one by one. #noexcuses #digitaldomination #letsdothis

1) My business currently does not need a website.

WRONG. An online presence is a must in today’s marketplace. In fact, 58% of internet users trust a company that has a web presence and as many as 78% of internet users conduct product research online before pursuing a transaction. (Hubspot)

This encompasses both users who are looking for places to buy products online and those who are conducting research on local businesses that they’ll eventually go on to buy from.

This means if they don’t find you online they aren’t coming to your store.  Even more, if they don’t find you easily online, and are able to navigate your site easily and find what they are looking for, they are less likely to do business with you.

2) A website is out of my price range.

Costs for websites have dropped drastically over the last 5-10 years. It’s absolutely no longer out of reach and online templates make in-house updates a snap.

It’s about prioritizing and capitalizing on ROI.  Updating and maintaining your website is an initial investment that more than pays for itself.  It opens you up to a whole new customer base.

3) I don’t have the time to create and update a website.

You better make the time! Your website is your virtual storefront, and it’s working for you 24/7. By staying on the sidelines you’re missing out on serious opportunities to grow your business.

4) Coding? Web design? No thanks! Too complex for me. 

Nonsense. In modern website creation, Content Management Systems (CMS) have simplified the back end and made it easy for you to maintain your site. You don’t even need to learn code and CMS works just like like other computer applications. Easy as pie.

5) Listen. I am telling you. My business has not ever, and will not ever need a website.

Yeah, because you’ll be out of business. The question “Does my business need a website?” is so 2001. It’s 2016! At this point you should be asking, “How can I best optimize my business’s website for mobile users?”

In 2017, millennials will have the largest buying power. They also aren’t kids anymore (They’re 18-35 year olds!). They’re also extremely tech savvy. Without a website, how will they find you?

So now you’re convinced: You need a good website and you need it today. You’re welcome.

Just in case you still aren’t convinced, here’s a few cool things a brand new, high functioning site can offer you:

  • Cost-effective advertising: Websites offer a low-cost advertising solution compared to traditional media. 
  • Analysis of customer behavior: internet analytics enable businesses to log and track everyone who visits their site.
  • Round-the-clock availability: enables a business to be available to customers 24/7.
  • Customer feedback: websites allow customers to interact with companies and provide feedback about their experience.
  • Niche markets: the relatively low cost of running a website allows small and medium sized businesses to cater to niche markets.
  • Business profile: your site serves as an online profile that you control and allows you to put out what you want customers to see and feel.

Need some help getting your website off the ground? Let us know! It’s what we’re here for.

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