Cheers To You and Your Message


Writing copy on your website, postcards, for a brochure, or a presentation all comes down to messaging. Not only should it reflect your company’s voice, but it should convey consistent messaging to reinforce your value proposition throughout all of your touch points. 

Just like a logo gives a customer a taste and branded feel of who you are, the copy-writing plays a major role in reinforcing your brand, your key messages, and helping to shape your company identity.

Is your favorite company serious and ultra professional, looking to add a little whimsy, or known for hilariously grabbing your attention but still managing to create a strong buyer experience? Copy should elevate your product line, give your customers a taste of who you are and help sell sell sell! Before any of that can happen though, there are three key pieces that need to align. Two of the three come from you, the business owner first and foremost.

  1. Having deep insights into your buyer personas
  2. Align internal stakeholders around a clear messaging strategy based on persona findings
  3. Finding a great copywriter to convert the strategy into actual copy

Spend some time thinking about the top two pieces. Do you understand your customer? Why do they buy your products? What is your hook? Thinking through the buyer persona can help you strategically increase sales, instead of accidentally or not at all, by allowing you to target the very people who care about what you are offering.

The second piece is just as important. Just because you have it figured out doesn’t mean your team does too. Get everyone on the same page. Create a message map that clearly defines who you are and who people care for you to be (or Hey Now! can create one for you!) Once you have all strategized and are on the same page it’s time to deliver your message clearly in your company voice with a great writer who gets what your doing and can translate your goals. (Hey Now! can do that too!)

Cheers to you and your message and consistency in your brand experience that will help solidify you as a top company in your field and keep customers coming back for more!

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