Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University

Branding the Future of Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University has commissioned Hey Now! Media multiple times for different projects engaging alumni and encouraging fundraising.

First, we developed a brand identity and collateral for 1826 Club, designed to engage alumni based in Silicon Valley at some of the nations top technology companies. Following this success, Hey Now! rebranded Fund Forward, a groundbreaking undergraduate scholarship campaign that pairs a donor with a student to provide part or all of their tuition. To position Fund Forward to target a new demographic. we created full brand identity and collateral and campaigned around the slogan “There’s a Future With Your Name On It.”

Finally, we helped The College of Arts and Sciences at Case Western Reserve University’s bring their annual fund, The College Fund, to the next level. We created a brand that made giving fun, was cool and hip but still had the traditional feel their older demographic loves. We re-positioned them to target a new, younger demographic and created a social media strategy to reach the demographic.

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