Building the Brand: Real Estate Edition

Here you are, your real estate property needs a brand — but what will truly resonate with your ideal tenants and drive results for investors? You might think your brand just includes your logo, but trust us, it is much more than that!

When someone envisions your property, the idea that pops in their head also constitutes the brand. This could include the physical experience they have had in the past or present, the reputation your property upholds, or even the current tenant community living on your site.

But the real question is, how can you create or improve your brand? Don’t worry — we have the recipe, keep reading to find out!

Does my property need a new brand?

Now you may be asking yourself, does my property even need a new brand? Let’s run through some of the common signs that this may be the optimal time for your company to re-shift its strategy:

  • A change of the communities perception is needed
  • You want to attract new audiences
  • You want to communicate new experiences, amenities, etc.
  • You want to deliver a new message

The Three Core Elements

Do you check one, or maybe all of these boxes? Then it’s time to rethink your property’s brand! Keep reading as we cover the three core elements to building a new brand:

1. Brand Strategy and Messaging

Identify target audiences and buyer profiles. This then allows you to craft messaging to appeal to your specific audience.

2. Visual Identity

Create your logo, colors, and textures that will guide how the brand looks. It is important to design something that is eye-catching, fits your aesthetic, and will be remembered.

3. Touch Points and Experience

Now that you have the assets, it’s time to implement them into your property. This includes displaying in your environment, on sales resources, your website, and print and signage.

Real Estate Branding Examples:

Here at Hey Now! Media, we did a complete rebrand project for the Key Tower building located in Downtown Cleveland. This is an example where we created a complete shift in opinion for the company as they wanted to go the luxury route. Take a quick look at some of the assets we created!


Business Cards:

Sales folder:


What resources are important to my company?

You might be wondering what resources will be most important for your property. This is completely dependent on your target audience, however, there are some items that are more important than others.

You want to be sure that each individual visiting has something tangible on hand they can bring home with them — this ensures that your building will be remembered and top of mind.

Signage is also SO important, this is the first thing they will see when they walk in, and the last thing they’ll see when they walk out.

Other than these two essentials, have fun with it! Little swag bags, goodies, etc. are awesome additions that will help you stand out among the competition.

How can I continue the brand online?

When branding your real estate business, it doesn’t just stop at the property. Advertising your business online in this day in age is crucial to generating new sales. There are SO many different ways to market your company. Luckily for you — we have blogs outlining each different opportunity! Check out how to elevate your real estate website along with branding on Google, Youtube, TV and streaming, social media, e-mail, at in-person at events and experiences.

Why is branding important?

Creating these assets can elevate the sales experience for the potential new tenant. When branding, you want to create a place people LOVE to live — experience is everything! This is often the huge difference deciding factor when tenants are choosing their future home. When branding is complete, oftentimes it can change the entire reputation and growth of your property (With a very quick turnaround!)

But branding is not all that’s important when it comes to capturing quality leads and growing your real estate business. Check our full collection of real estate blogs, webinars, information, and more HERE.

Curious how Hey Now! Media can help your business? Get in touch with us below today for a FREE 30-minute consultation.

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