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Dear Expert:

I just started a new company. I was wondering, when’s the right time to start thinking about branding?
Thanks for your help,

Dear #StartUp,

The simple answer is, Now! Branding will inform everything you do from here on out. It lays the foundation for your company and aligns with your business strategies to ensure your customers have the most positive experience they can possibly have with your company, products or services.

Before you start anything, whether it’s a new business or just a simple project, you need to start with a plan! Strategy comes first and foremost. Some things to think about that will directly impact how you begin developing your brand are; what is my message? What is my voice and tone? What is my personality? How will I position my company? What experience do I want my customers to have?

Before a logo, business cards or even a website get made, a carefully thought out strategy is a must, and the earlier on in the business you start developing these things the better.

Matt Brower
Owner & Director of Internal Operations
Hey Now! Media, LLC


A graduate of Kent State University, Matt Brower is seriously motivated. He has a keen insight into customer needs and expertly identifies how to move your business forward. His experience as both a creative and an organizer gives him a unique ability to understand client needs and how to translate them into a workable vision.


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