The Art + Business formula is a magical thing. Competition for attention is at an all-time high. Studies show that the average consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages per day.  However, as Jerry Seinfeld once said, “This whole idea of an attention span is, I think, a misnomer. People have an infinite attention span if you are entertaining them.”

It’s no longer enough to just show people an ad or tell people about your company and expect explosive results. You must figure out how to communicate your value in a succinct, powerful, and meaningful way.  If any of these factors isn’t given proper weight you might get some results, but you won’t be scratching the surface of the kind of effect you can have when you bring art and business together.

Creative is playing a huge role in the way that business goals come to life, and it’s this combination of strategy and creative that will ensure you can cut through the clutter.

Here’s a case study showing the real impactful bottom line results from the power of art + business. With a budget of just $8,500 per month (a total investment of $100,000 for one year), this manufacturer attributes $20.8 million in sales to our efforts.


In early 2017, our client engaged with Hey Now! Media during a time where they were experiencing drastic revenue decline. They were struggling to communicate their value, having trouble finding new customers, and were unsure how to rollout new product lines to market. Most of their marketing budget was spent on disjointed print materials, trade shows, cold calls, and site visits. Their digital presence had yet to be developed.


Our solution was to implement a holistic marketing program that included branding, website, and inbound marketing. This approach created focus across all channels of communication, streamlined the entire brand, and consolidated the results. Our team guided marketing decisions daily, through a strategic lens, to achieve our client’s ongoing goals.


While the foundation of the branding was strong, we refreshed and clarified the brand message, audited their identity, established consistent art direction, and created an overall brand strategy to help convert existing visitors and attract new ones to the brand. This also gave them the foundation to penetrate new markets and launch new products.  Additionally, we looped them into our project management software, Basecamp, to help them easily access all our work, follow progress, and give quick feedback.

Sales grew immediately and are still going strong! Overall sales saw 21% growth comparing January 2017 and January 2018 while consumer market product sales saw a 40% boost comparing January 2017 to January 2018.


Following the branding phase, we optimized the website to provide leads for the business. The site was achieving its original goal of delivering information but it wasn’t built to convert traffic into leads. To transform the site into a more effective sales tool we reorganized the content and redesigned the UX to help visitors efficiently find what they are looking for. We implemented robust website tracking to learn who was visiting and, using HubSpot and inbound marketing tools, built conversion paths to convert the traffic into leads and customers.

Since we stepped in, website traffic has skyrocketed! Through well designed and creative social media campaigns, paid targeting, and inbound marketing, we drove new traffic to the website.

Total Website Visitors: 454% Increase

  • January 2017: 1,802
  • January 2018: 9,984

Website Visitors from Social Media: 45,000% Increase

  • January 2017: 7
  • January 2018: 3,240

Reach (Impressions) - 663,101

CTR: 2.1% (Goal is between 1-4%)



Following the completion of the brand strategy and optimization of the website, we created a marketing plan. Research, buyer personas and strategies maximized our inbound marketing efforts.


Our first goal was to provide high quality, short term marketing efforts that lead to quick wins. We repurposed and redesigned existing content and blogs to become lead capture tools, then launched a reengagement campaign targeting their existing database of 30,000 people that had not been reached in 5-10 years. This campaign immediately generated leads and helped clean up their database by showing who was still active or not.

Next, we crafted a long-term strategy for lead generation. We positioned the client as the best educator online in their industry. To accomplish this, we began conducting research by interviewing the buyer personas and inside reps, then doing industry and keyword research to understand what problems potential clients were solving online. We crafted specific high-quality content for each buyer persona to answer the questions we knew they were searching for. This content was built to help customers at different stages from a visitor, to a lead, and to a customer, bringing them into the database along the way.

To drive traffic to the website we implemented SEO, paid media, social media, email and blogging/content development. Once visitors landed on the website they followed specific conversion paths to help push them through the buyer’s journey. We targeted the growing database with lead nurturing and reengagement campaigns featuring personalized content that effectively delighted the audience and spurred sales in a dramatic way.

Leads are through the roof! Salesmen enjoyed a major boost in morale with this new, rejuvenated sales action.


  • 76 submissions out of 226 landing page views (33.6% CTR)
  • 171 new followers on Facebook

Conversation Rate

  • Paid Search: 1.38%
  • Landing Page: 27.8% & 63 New

Database Clean Up

  • From 25,000 contacts to 15,000 target-specific contacts that have a high likelihood of conversion
  • Saved $9000 per year on database costs

After one year with Hey Now! Media, this manufacturer concluded $20.8 million worth of that year's sales could be attributed to our branding, website, and inbound marketing efforts. We continue to work and strengthen our partnership, making continual improvements to the website and running time-specific inbound campaigns designed to attract certain audiences at certain times of the year.

Our goal is to make these continual improvements and increase ROI through new and creative, strategic work. The combination of art and business turned this manufacturer around. Can it do the same for your business?

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