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At Hey Now! Media, we appreciate industry movers and shakers. Our favorite marketing thought leaders and gurus are always giving us new trends and techniques to continue our education.

Enter Gary Vaynerchuk, a marketing expert who has cultivated a unique brand of tough love advice-giving. He gives out golden nuggets of knowledge in his weekly video series, the #AskGaryVee show.

If you haven’t watched it yet, here’s a taste:

We at Hey Now! love us some Gary Vee. He’s smart, sassy, and his web series provides immense value to the audience by giving out tools, tips, and tricks to grow a business from the ground up.

What makes him so credible? Right after graduating college, Gary grew his family’s wine business from a $3M company to $60M in a mere five years. You can read his bio for a full rundown of his credentials, but basically he’s one smart dude who has applied his life philosophies, business learning, and years of experience to help not just his clients, but individuals and entrepreneurs worldwide who can learn from his content.

And not only is he qualified to help, he actually wants to help. Vaynerchuk speaks at events worldwide. He writes best sellers. He answers crowdsourced questions from a digital audience once per week. That’s a lot of work to put in if you’re just in it for the money. You have to really love what you do and care about your audience to do what he does on a daily basis.

In his web show, Vaynerchuk answers questions from users around the web on topics ranging from social media to small businesses and startups to workplace motivation.

There are over 223 episodes and counting, so the Vayner Media team recently created a new search engine that allows users to search the #AskGaryVee show for answers on a specific topic.

If you have a question on anything related to your business, it’s worth taking advantage of the new search function.

Vaynerchuk gives out a ton of advice, and all of it is valuable. Want to know how to create a content marketing plan for a wine business? Awesome. How to grow your Snapchat followers? Cool. The best way to overcome jetlag? Gary Vee’s got you.

What we’re saying here is – the answer to your question is probably somewhere in this database. Just remember to keep your search queries short and sweet. Instead of asking “Why is Instagram valuable to my business?” simply type “Instagram” and browse the results.

With the #AskGaryVee search engine, you have a marketing guru at your fingertips whose clientele database boasts a list of Fortune 500 companies from General Electric to Pepsi-Co. So if you think about it, you’re getting the same answers and advice Fortune 500 companies get that you can apply to your own business.

The #AskGaryVee search engine can be found here.

And remember, on the off chance he hasn’t answered your question yet, the #AskGaryVee show is still going strong. Tweet your questions with the hashtag #AskGaryVee and let us know if he answers them!

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