A Marketer’s Approach to Coronavirus: Copper Creek Apartments Case Study

As most of you know, the past few months have been a challenging time for all. A pandemic doesn’t mean business stops though. On the contrary, while people’s spending habits have changed they have most certainly not subsided. As marketers, our priority has been to shift our focus and adapt our marketing and knowledge base to help our clients through this time. The following is a case study on how we helped our client, Copper Creek, Kent’s newest luxury apartment community, not only survive during the COVID-19 pandemic — but thrive.

What Problem Was the Client Facing?

As an essential business, all apartment buildings were permitted to keep their doors open during the pandemic. However, this did call for a lot of changes to Copper Creek. With many individuals still needing to move during these times – whether their lease ended or they were just looking for a new place to quarantine, there were a lot of logistics to work through.

  1. How do we promote community-based amenities?
  2. How do we still allow prospective residents to tour the property and sign leasing paperwork? 
  3. How can we best communicate and implement new safety measures in a shared community? 

What Did We Do to Help Them?

Copper Creek needed Hey Now! Media to put a halt to all current campaigns and switch gears ASAP. We came up with a new strategy within the week, and pulled and replaced all scheduled social media. Our new approach was to position Copper Creek as a thought leader when it comes to COVID-19 and apartment living. We wanted to ensure that both potential and current residents saw Copper as THE safe and trusted option for housing. During this time we helped field feedback from current and potential residents, used their platforms to educate both on what they were doing, and what changes and recommendations were being made locally and nationally. Additionally, understanding our Copper’s post-college audience, we provided lots of ideas on ways to pass the time in quarantine to help provide a bit of levity and motivation during the early months.

  1. We repositioned Copper’s extensive amenities. What was an apartment bonus like door to door trash pick up became super quarantine friendly. We reworked amenity messaging to help potential residents see that Copper is not just a great apartment for regular life, but an awesome place to ride out this virus because they have so many perks right on the property.
  2. We quickly implemented a new sales strategy, with a COVID conscious twist. Landing pages, social posts, and ads reflected a switch to contactless tours and leasing options. Prospects could take a virtual tour, sign up for a private FaceTime tour and go through the entire leasing process virtually. Although FaceTime tours were a hit, some individuals either couldn’t find the time to fit in a virtual tour, didn’t have the technology, or just wanted a quick preview before they booked a time slot. This is where virtual tour videos came into play! We encouraged staff at Copper Creek to send over pre-recorded videos — exactly how they would during a FaceTime tour, that we could post to socials, emails, and their website. Not only are these videos great during COVID-19, but they’re also the perfect call-to-action to drive traffic to their website year-round!
  3. We transitioned messaging to positioned Copper Creek as a thought leader during COVID-19. Posts included how to spend days at home, tips on how to stay safe and healthy, and more. 

Organic Social Examples:



Email Examples:


What Were the Results?

Copper Creek continued, and continues, to bring in new residents that feel safe and confident, despite the concerns of COVID-19.

Generated 131 New Leads over the first three months of the pandemic.

Emails generated a 4.26% conversion rate during this time as well.

Website visitors continued to grow, with a 27% increase in traffic during this time.

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